A Stunning Backpack That Is Upscale Trendy

A beautiful backpack that is very stylish yet rugged and built to last.

This unique bag will be the envy of your friends.

Includes a padded safety padded pocket for your laptop or tablet.

Neither the pictures nor the video capture the exquisite fabric.

KAKA Water Resistant Laptop Backpack Computer Backpack Fits up to 15.6-inch Laptop Camo Black

A Terrific Idea For USB Charging

Handy gadget for charging all your toys in one convenient location.

For home, office and public places.

Recharge up to 6 items while only tying up one electrical outlet.

The electric cord is normal sized, not a fat adapter that hogs more than one outlet.


USB Charging Station Dock Organizer, SROP 6 Ports Desktop USB Charger, Multi Ports Detachable Stand Smart Fast Safe Charger for Cell Phone iPhone iPad Samsung Android Tablets PC Mobile Devices

I Found Heavn On Earth With The Relief This Neck Massager Has Provided Me

Pain is a daily part of my life for numerous reasons beyond my control. Anytime I can find a way to reduce or eliminate my suffering it improves the quality of my life tremendously. I can focus on the positive aspects of living and not be distracted by agony. I am unable to use any kind of medication for pain relief because the side effects are dangerously problematic.

For months my neck had become so painful that I was unable to drive. Turning my head rapidly from side to side before crossing a street was just sheer torture. When this massager arrived, I popped it out of the box, to wrap around my neck then I turned it on.

I was truly amazed. It seemed like live hands were working the knots out of my neck. I closed my eyes and let this machine do magic. I adjusted the arms rests to let the kneading slowly go up to my lower scalp.  The intense relief was amazing. A refreshing tingling just ran up and down my neck and spine. I suddenly just felt wonderful.

Even now while writing about this, I want to stop what I am doing and get another massage. Every time I use this, I  get relief that is lasting longer each time. It's put a smile back on my face. I now turn my head freely without the extreme discomfort I was experiencing before.

In my selfishness, I have not let anyone else try this out so I don't know how it affects others, but for me, it's drastically improved the quality of my life.


FITFIRST Neck Massage Shoulder Massager Shiatsu Neck Back Foot Massager with Heat for Home and Travel Use 

Buy it now. 

My Fur Baby Loves His Cesars Savory Delights

My fur baby loves his Cesar foods!

He prefers to eat half a serving each morning for breakfast. No use feeding him the entire container, he will eat exactly half and walk away. So now I just dish out half, refrigerate half and feed it the next day. The rest of the day he likes his dry crunchy food.

This pack of 24 is from Amazon is a much better deal than the grocery or pet stores, especially if you combine it with 15% savings on Subscribe and Save.

I like the packaging that it tears open neatly to half, I can scoop that out, then replace the lid for the next morning. On day two he eats it straight from the dish, saving me washing up time.

CESAR Savory Delights Adult Wet Dog Food 

Many flavors available.