Nifty LED Lightbulb with Motion Sensor

This is slender. It will fit any standard American household socket.

I have a shed I use often. I hate stepping in the dark to find the light in case some creature feature has snuck in to scare me.

Now that I have this light installed, just opening the door will usually trigger the light to turn on during cloudy  days and always nights. 

I like that I can quickly see if anything is slithering around the floor before I step inside.

Buy yours today!

5W LED Infrared Motion Sensor Warm Light Bulb Lamp

Compact Rechargeable Unit Makes This Handy

This is for medium to large dogs.
It's not a substitute for good hard work, training your dog.
If you beast is pretty furry you may need to have the vet or groomer trim the fur on their neck while you train them.
This has vibration and audible sounds. It comes with a diminutive remote.
Both are rechargeable.
The dog can go out of range, so it's best to train them first before you let them run wild.

Peteast Remote Dog Training Collar, Rechargeable and Waterproof Electronic Dog Trainer Shock Collar with Beep, Vibration, and Shock for All Size Dogs (10Lbs - 100Lbs), 1000ft Range

Cute and Hilarious

Hysterically funny!

The weenie pouch is pretty long and quite comical when worn.

Get a pair as a gift for that hard to shop for man in your life.

Men's Micro Modal Separate Pouches Trunks Low Rise Give-N-Go Boxer Briefs

Massage Your Achy Self and Feel Better

Terrific massage for feet and anywhere on your body that is achy.

Comes with heat and unique rolling ball action.

Includes cigarette lighter adapter for RV, car, van, boat, solar systems as well as 110 electrical plug.

If you have a sore achy muscle this will cure it.


Tomight Shiatsu Massage Pillow, Massage Pillow with Heat,4 circular kneading Balls for Relaxing Neck/Back/Shoulder/Arms/Legs Muscles - Black