Awesome Mp3 Player That Simply Works Well

I love this little MP3 player.

Mine came in metallic green, a nifty cool color. It charges up quickly with the included USB cord. It arrived with a 16GB car already installed which holds about 3,000 songs. No worries about repeat songs for weeks!

The screen is very clear for pictures, or videos or just shuffling through the music selections.

The included ear buds work nicely. I have also hooked into my powered tiny speakers [[Samson Meteor M2 Multimedia Speaker System]] and this little Mp3 player can ROCK those speakers for a full blown party.

I like the simplicity of this player, no wifi or excessive gadgetry.

It's tiny, it's slim, it works, it's FUN!

Goldenseller MP3 Music Player with 16GB Micro SD Card, Portable Video Player(Green)

Awesome Affordable Wi-Fi Camera For Home, RV or Office

Fabulous wifi video for spying on your dog or kids while you are gone. You can look at the video from a smart phone or another computer.

This comes with everything you need to set up the video. It even has free online streaming and storage. There is a built-in speaker, you can talk to whoever is on the other end. You can also remotely control the camera.

If your pooch is shredding the new curtains, you can yell at him to stop.

You will want to buy a MicroSC card to run this camera and be able to save movies as needed.

Instead of electricity, you can alternatively power your video with an ethernet plug.

A CD comes with the video so you can install the program or you can download it.

Definitely fun and affordable for home or work.

Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P (1920TVL) Wireless WiFi IP Camera, Black

Blood Sugar Support

I have only been taking this a week. It does seem my appetite is not as voracious. I haven't really taken this long enough to see how it works with blood sugar. However many of the ingredients in this product are well known for assisting in maintaining correct blood sugar levels. I pill a day and 60 in the bottle, so it's good to go for 2 months total. The pills are easy to swallow, the ingredients are clearly labeled.
Premium Blood Sugar Support Supplement - Normal Blood Glucose Control & Natural Weight Loss - Vitamin and Herb Extract Formula w/ Guggul, Mulberry...

A Fun Book That Is Comical and Truer Than Fiction

This is a delightful book full of humor and fun stories.

It's a great book to enjoy a few stories at a time, no need to read the entire thing in one sitting. Each story seems unique.

Lots of insight into working with the public in the middle of nowhere.

Tourists at their finest moments!

Being a workamper myself, I can relate to some of the foolishness presented by folks who somehow got through life this far.

Enjoyable read! Buy it!

Confessions of a Work Camper: Tales from the Woods

Confessions of a Work Camper: Tales from the Woods