Hi Tech Gadget Makes Your Smart Phone Smarter

This is the stuff dreams are made of.

Seems like I saw something similar in the 60's Startrek series!

Now it has come to life.

Make your smart phone even smarter!

Eliminate cords, just charge and go! Wireless!

BAOHOKEiPhoneX Fast Wireless Charger, Qi Fast Wireless Chargers Stand Pad for Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5 ,iPhone 8 X Note 8 and all support Qi-Enabled Devices

Read how this works.

Nifty Tool For Seeing the Unknown

Every repairman or woman needs this in their arsenal of tools.

See what's going on with plumbing problems. Look at difficult to reach parts of your engine.

Stare inside your mouth to get a good look at your teeth.

The uses are endless.

This one works with Wifi and a smart phone or computer.

Has lights and a rechargeable battery.

BlueFire Semi-rigid Flexible Wireless Endoscope IP67 Waterproof WiFi Borescope 2 MP HD Resolutions Inspection Camera Snake Camera for Android and iOS Smartphone, iPhone, Samsung, iPad, Tablet (33FT) 

 How to use an endoscope for home inspection.


Quiet and Compact Dehumidifier for Southerners

Get rid of mold causing bacteria in your home by ridding it of humidity.

Perfect size for a room or small RV or camper.

Works quietly.

Holds about 17 ounces of fluid before you have to empty it and restart it.

Protect your investment.

Afloia Mini Dehumidifier for Room Quiet Small Dehumidifier for Home Mini Air Dehumidifiers for Bathroom 17ounce Dehumidifier Office 


Read more about  how to prevent an outbreak of mold.

Get Rid of Humidity and Mold

If you live in the south, then you need dehumidifiers.

This one is pleasant to look at. It works very quietly which is rather important in today's noisy world.

It collects a jumbo 1500ml which is about 6 and 1/4 cups of water. The unit with shut down until you empty and restart it, so no risk of finding a wet mess.

This size is perfect for a medium to large RV.

Too much humidity in your RV can mean mold problems which can affect your health and the quality of your RV. This dehumidifier can solve those problems for you.

hysure Portable Mini Dehumidifier Air Purifier 2200 Cubic Feet Electric Safe Dehumidifier for Bedroom, Home, Crawl Space, Bathroom, RV, Baby Room, White

See how dehumidifiers improve Florida air conditioning efficiency.

Good Emergency Chocolate To Keep Around, Huge Bag is Misleading

I love the taste for when I get a craving for dark chocolate which does have many health benefits. I like the strong 86 because I want the chocolate flavor not intense sugars.

The bag is a nightmare to open!  They have super glued it shut so that you can not lift it off, you have to take scissors to cut it open.

Also the bag is huge compared to the contents inside. I would rather have cheaper packaging and a better price, but I don't think big companies really care what their consumers have to say, so I am whispering to the wind.

Price is pretty good for a 4 pack though. 

Ghirardelli Chocolate Intense Dark Squares, Midnight Reverie, 4.12 oz., (Pack of 4) 


Read about dark chocolate health benefits. 

Toasty Tasty Town House Tidbits

Tasty on their own.

Makes a good dipping cracker.

Delectable snack that can empty out a box in a hurry.

Town House Focaccia Tuscan Cheese, 9 Ounce

Delectable Delight!

A delicious bargain!

I do a dollop every day in my coffee for medicinal purposes.

I am not disappointed.

Excellent quality.

Fine taste.

Lake Shore Bulk Honey, 76.69 fl oz


Medicinal uses for honey. 


NOT Big Rolls, Short on Width and Length, Loosely Wound

I am very disappointed.

These are NOT big rolls. These are very tiny loose rolls. I am changing my roll pretty quickly because these don't last. They are smaller in width than standard toilet paper and very short on length.

The only reason I gave it 2 stars was it functions, it's super thick but hugely dissatisfied otherwise. I've bought cheaper paper of better quality than this. I am used to double rolls that last well over a week, sometimes two. These are a joke.

The rolls are very loose too, like they tried to make it look like a big fluffy roll but it's so short in length.

Kimberly-Clark should be ashamed to sell this truly bad quality.

Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Big Roll Toilet Paper, Bath Tissue, 12 Toilet Paper Rolls

Handy Idea For Organization

These are cute as can be for prepacking your luggage or organizing around the home. I am using mine to better organize my personal clothes and other things, especially off season items. I have limited storage and this is a great way to make the best use of my storage solutions.

The material is a festive stripe on the bias. Three of the containers have mesh on one side for breath-ability.  All zippers are sturdy with two zipper pulls. Some of the bags have draw string, most have zippers.

I have some bulky sweaters that are hard to store and the mesh bags make easy work for them. One of the bags is gusseted and about the size of a shoe box, so you can pack a spare pair of shoes without the soles getting your clothes dirty.

Also if you've ever had customs dump out your luggage and then you have to repack it quickly, this might be an easier alternative. 

Youtube video link.

8 Set Packing Cube Luggage(4 Cubes 1 Shoes Bag 3 Mesh Pouches)Travel System Organizers Accessory

The New Way to Wash Dishes By Hand

I love food grade silicone in my kitchen. When i see antibacterial, I always slam on brakes to check it out.

For a week now I have washed dishes by hand with these. I am truly amazed. They feel so soft in my hands yet they do an incredible job at scrubbing off dried up food.

They rinse easily and dry quickly.

A unique product well worth trying out. I was surprised and impressed.

Youtube link.

AISHN Silicone Dish Washing Brush Wash for Pan Dish Bowl Fruit and Vegetable, Antibacterial Kitchen Sponges Non Scratch Multi-purpose, Food Grade & BPA Free, Heat-resistant 4 pcs (multi)

Easy to Fit Smal Wrist Snugly

Good looking versatile watch band. Will fit small wrists easily due to magnetic closure.

Unique Doorbell For Security, Like Having Your Own Doorman

Imagine you’re watching TV or browsing the web and an unexpected visitor knocks on your door. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see who it is just by looking at your phone?

Or imagine you’re at work and a delivery man comes with a sensitive package. Wouldn’t it be great if you could speak directly to them and give instructions over the phone?

What if your doorbell could log all the times someone came to visit? If these features seem like the perfect mix of practical and futuristic, perhaps you should consider installing a smart doorbell in your home.
 Great security.
See who is at your door and talk to them too without ever unlocking the door.
It requires Two 18650 specification batteries that are not included, so plan to order these when ordering the doorbell. You may want to get four rechargeable batteries so you can just switch them around as needed.
Pair it up with your smart phone and you can see who is at your door, day or night.
Handy if a delivery guy is leaving you a package, you get notified right away, even if he doesn't ring the bell.
Nice idea all around.
Good adaptive aid for handicapped or elderly.

WiFi Enabled Video Doorbell Wireless with Wide-Angel Lens and Two-Way Talk, PIR Motion Detection, Day and Night Mode Automatic Swithching
More about home security. 

52 Wireless Doorbell Tunes

 52 doorbell tunes, 3 receivers and 2 push buttons.

This is fantastic idea for home, fence, gate, apartments. It's also a great adaptive aid if you have an handicapped person living with you who wants to be independent yet have the ability to ring for assistance when needed.

Wireless Doorbell,ELEPOWSTAR Waterproof Door Chime Kit Operating at 1000 Feet Range with 52 Melodies Chimes,3 Plugin Receivers and 2 Push Buttons

 Smart Home Doorbell Kit: 3 plug-in receivers and 2 remote push buttons combo,you can DIY your home and program each push button with a different tone so that you will know which door you have a visitor.
52 Melodies Chimes: offer 52 elegant or custom music,from the traditional"Ding Dong" to various well know chimes,4 levels volume from 25-100 dB,you will never be bored with terrible doorbell ringing again,enjoy pleasant melodies whenever someone rings at your door
Wireless Range:with up to 1000 feet operating range in open space,ensures that you will never miss any visitors even if you are several rooms away.
Waterproof and Temperature Protection:operating temperature from 5°F to 140°F,this 100% waterproof push button can withstand rain,storms and heat,never worry about extreme weather.
Easy install, easy to connect, easy to hear with several distinct sounds, Humanized disposition 3 receivers is perfect to be placed in our bedroom, den and kitchen, basically you can hear it from anywhere in the house.

Product description
Pattern Name:D2-2T3-SSG-US

*** A smart and convenient wireless doorbell combo for your home,you can set different ring tone for different transmitter or receiver so you can know at which door you have a visitor.

*** Wireless operating range up to 1000 ft(1000 ft in open area) for a big house,office,hotel service and other areas that is suitable for short-distance wireless environments.

*** Easy Installation:just plug receiver into an electrical outlet and put the double-sided adhesive tapes at the back of the button, you can also use the screw to fix it. No extra work needed.

Voltage of Plug-In Smart Receiver: AC 110V ~ AC 220V 50Hz/60Hz
Battery in Transmitter: 12V 23A Alkaline Battery
Power Consumption (Transmitter): < 10mW
Wireless Range: 900 ft in Open Air; 100~500 ft with doors and walls
Ring Tone: 52 Options
Volume Range: 4 Levels (25~110dB)
Expandable to Multiple Smart Receiver or Transmitter: Up to 50
Working Frequency: 433.92 MHz±280KHz
Working Temperature: -30?~70?

Package Included:
3 x Plugin receivers
2 x Push buttons
2 x Adhesive tapes
1 x User manual(12 months worry-free warranty.)

Check price and free delivery.

Easy to Store in Tiny Homes and RV's

Sturdy brush.
Easy to store in motorhome.
Adjustable handle makes it easy for scrubbing.
Made to last a good long time.
Good quality.
I hate cleaning but this brush makes life easier.

Youtube video link.

YCUTE Scrub Brush 47'' Removable Stainless Steel Long Handle Bristle Brush with 7.4'' Length of Brush Head for Clean Bathroom, Tub & Tile, Floor, Wall and Kitchen

Angelic Moisturizer

This goes on smooth as silk and feel heavenly.
A little goes a long ways.
Gave my face radiance. 

Exquisite Human Hair Extensions

Exquisite Human Hair Extensions

Outstanding quality.
Well packaged and cared for.
Good color.
Beautiful human hair.

Youtube video link.

ZXZ Brazilian 100% Human Hair Extensions Body Wave 3 Bundles

Read more about different hair grades. 

Nifty Hand Crank Flashlight with AM/FM Radio

A rechargeable flashlight that uses electricity or the included hand crank. Loads of fun and there is an Am/FM radio included too to keep you entertained while you crank around.

For fidgety adults and children. Also works incredibly well during power outages.

As a bonus, you can plug in your phone or other USB and get a jump charge.

You tube video link.

Hand Crank Flashlight Radio , Wanfei Dynamo Emergency Radio Hand Crank Self Powered or USB Charging Flashlight with AM/FM Radio suitable for Outdoor Charger for iPhone 6/7, Android Smartphone and more

Interesting Citronella Discs

These are unique citronella discs. By bye bugsy!

Video at youtube.

Wanfei Mosquito Repellent Patch 96 Count Natural Mosquito Sticker Keeps Insects and Bugs Far Away Apply to Skin and Clothes Furniture for Pregnant Women Kids and Adults Travel Camping Outdoors

Nice Sleek Time and Temp with Humidity

Great little clock with time, humidity and an optional alarm clock

Has its own desk stand, can be hung on wall or magnets are strong enough for my range hood, which is where I like it.

Came with batteries ready to operate right out of the box.

Adoric Indoor Thermometer Humidity Monitor with Touchscreen Backlight Timer Smart Digital Hygrometer with Temperature Gauge Humidity Meter

Jumbo Oil Diffuser With Lights

This is an awesome jumbo diffuser. Fill it up and use all day or all night long. Can also just turn it on where it defaults to the 60 minute timer. It will shut off after an hour, but you can turn it on again later.

On hectic days I find this very calming. It also gets rid of the doggy smell in the motorhome. The lights are whimsical and fun. I like that it holds 2 cups of water and lasts for hours of pleasant therapeutic aromas.

Youtube video. 

Read more about Aroma Therapy and Essential Oils.

Tall Hot Paper Cups

These are nice big tall cups for hot drinks and soups. They come with a cardboard sleeve for protection and a snug cap. While I typically use the same mug over and over washing it by hand, I got these for my sick neighbors.

Sometimes someone in the neighborhood is sickly or recuperating from surgery. I like to deliver them homemade soup ready to eat. Getting back all my containers again can be problematic. Now I can just deliver a good hearty portion of soup to them in a guilt-free cup they can eat right out of or store in the fridge to eat later.

Paper Hot Cups Sets (100 Count) - 16 oz Cups, Lids, Sleeves, Straws - Office Pack of Insulated Coffee Cups - Disposable Travel Mug Ounce Cover Beverage Box Tea Chocolate Decorative Food Party Drink

Nifty Bike Light with Remote Switch

This is a super bright handy removable flashlight for your bicycle. Don't get caught in the dark again.  Five lighting modes including strobe for daytime use. Comes with a convenient remote switch so you can have it at your fingertips when riding. Very useful to turn on strobe during daytime when crossing busy streets.

Youtube link.

Buy yours today!

Bike Light, iKirkLiten Urban 600 Lumens Bright USB Rechargeable Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Headlight, Cree LED Front Light, Wire Control, IPX6 Waterproof, for City Commuting, Mountain Biking, Road Cycling

Adorable Rechargeable Lady's Razor

This is adorable and functional. Last time I shaved my legs I got a nasty cut that took a month to heal. That was rather upsetting and annoying. I was going to a wedding and had to wear a big white bandage when all I wanted to wear was hairess leg skin.

I chose this little razor because it's easily rechargeable. It does a nice beautiful job. It's very quiet. Works quickly under arms and on legs. While I did my underarms inside at the bathroom sink, I did my legs outside on the patio, so the little hairs were scattered with the winds rather than stuck to my bathroom floor.

I am at that age where I grow very little leg hair, but I have some strays that just pop up out of nowhere and suddenly there is a one inch long hair when I least expect it. Now I can safely and confidently keep my legs hairless and smooth.

This is a great treat for yourself and makes a nice stocking stuffer too.

Miserwe Womens Electric Razor Mini IPX4 Waterproof  Electric Razor for Women Rechargeable

Spy Nanny Cam Looks Like Outlet

This came as a complete kit. Just charge up the rechargeable battery, then install the stealth camera with the included tape. Record either motion activated or record nonstop. Has a spare battery too, so it's easy to swap them around.

Came with two face plates for the fashion conscious (white or cream). Included was  a micro card, so you are ready to roll right out of the box. Also a card reader, you just plug the card into the reader and download to your computer.

Good product for spying on the nanny or the maid or those that might have sticky fingers. Video is crisp and clear with sound.

Mini Nanny Cam 15 days Long Standby Electrical Outlet Camera Hidden Video Recorder 16GB self Loop Record Hidden Security Camera with PIR Sensor Motion Detection

Love My Boob Hammock

This is hysterically funny.

I was running a fever one day when a friend dropped by. She was being way too serious about my ailments. I just wanted to relax and be happy and worry about being sick another day.

Suddenly I announced I was too hot and was changing my shirt. I came back out on the patio wearing this towel bra. She laughed so hard there were tears in her eyes.

II must admit, the towel bra actually fit me and there's enough elastic in the cup area to keep the girls covered up. Would I wear this in public? No never. Would I wear it to make my friends burst out laughing? Yes!

On a serious note, this may be a super simple comfy solution for nursing mothers who would like something easy to catch the leaks between feedings.

Comes in assorted sizes.

Love the Whimsical Red and White Polka Dot Theme

Fun bean bag chair with memory foam.

This should be a pet option, because my 7 pound dog adores this chair. He has moved right on it and doesn't want anyone else to use it. He thinks it was bought for him alone.

For me, a short middle aged women with extra fluff,  it wasn't comfy sitting on because it's hard for me to get back up and out of it again, but I discovered it makes an awesome ottoman for propping up my legs or feet. Even with my feet plopped up on it, the dog tries to worm his way on top of it too, looking at my feet disdainfully.

I like that it came with two sacks, not one. It's easy enough to unzip and remove the outer one for washing, while the inner one holds all the shredded memory foam.

It does bounce back after each use. Mine took a few days to fluff up fully. I think the dog is a little perplexed that he gets it all cozy, then it fluffs up when he leaves.

Supersized might be an overstatement, as it's not comfy for full sized American adults, but it you are on the slender side or smaller statue, it will work fine for you and of course anyone kid size... such as children.

It does remind me of my early teens, as I did have a bean bag chair in my room then. Most of the kids did and we let our friends sit in them when they came to visit. Ah nostalgia, the good old days.

 King-Sized Bean Bag Chair in Flaming Red - New King Size Big Soft Comfort Cover with Memory Foam Filler - Cozy Lounger & Bed - Kids & Teens Love This Huge Sack - Indoor Furniture by Panda Sleep 

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