Portable Water Pick Oral Irrigation Rechargeable

I have been using this a few weeks now. I am very impressed. Does a great job. The rechargeable battery is the best feature. The water container is adequate. I leave my lid open between uses. Typically I feel the water base twice per use for a thoroughly cleaning. Other times I just use one water fill.

Nicely made, easy to hold. No vibration from the handle while using. The three settings is a nice touch. I haven't used mine to the dead battery state. I just recharge every few days give or take. The tip is super comfortable on my gums because of its silicone safe tip.

I have been through several water picks and dental flossers over the years but none were as nice as this one for tiny home living. I use this twice a day.

Comes with a USB cord for recharging. The port is covered with a piece of removable silicone cover, don't lose that. I wish it were attached with a silicone string. I haven't lost mine yet but it is a tiny removable piece you don't want to lose. I do like the simple filling of the water tank. Easy to leave the tiny round door open between uses unless traveling or packing it away.

Works like a quality product. I am impressed and happy with it.

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Aikitco Water Flosser IPX7 Waterproof Cordless Portable Oral Irrigator 3-Mode Rechargeable Dental Flosser High Capacity Water Tank 

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