Unique Espresso Maker

Just add hot water, press and enjoy! Comes with its own cup to drink out of too.

This maker produces a thick abundant top layer of crema, the tan foam of emulsified coffee oils that is conditional for proper espresso.

Yummy stuff. I like that it is USB powered, so it works most anywhere from 12 volt to regular 110 household current or anything with a USB port such as a laptop or solar battery bank.

Portable Espresso Machine Description:


Ever wish you could take your home coffee machine with you wherever you go?

What about the times when you've had to settle for mediocre coffee because you needed your coffee fix but the best thing available was cheap, instant coffee from the vending machine.

Well, you won't have to deal with any of that anymore. Your new portable ESPRESSO coffee machine is finally here!.......PRESSOPUMP!

*** Your new Pressopump combines great testing ESPRESSO with mobility. You can now take your favorite coffee with you anywhere you go! The electric pump ensures you can now effortlessly benefit from a consistent extraction. Start pumping strain- free.

*** Make rich ESPRESSO shots topped with CREAMY CREMA in under 2 mins! The Pressopump's ergonomic design makes it is easy-to-use and boasts a steel ultra- fine filter and 16 bar pressure to ensure you have quality ESPRESSO with no junk at the bottom of your cup.

*** Its compact size coupled with a lightweight yet durable body means that the Pressopump is small enough to neatly fit in your pocket.

*** Take it with you to the workplace and be the envy of your co-workers. If it's a quick shot of energy you need during a sports activity then you now have a trusted companion to keep you going. It's great to take with you on your cycle rides, ski trips, trekking and other enduring sports! Let's not forget Picnics or those late night Study Sessions. The Pressopump is truly versatile.

*** All parts are made of food safe materials and lead- free
Now an essential part of your travel kit. Make sure you don't forget to pack your Pressopump!

Portable Espresso Machine Features:

*** GREAT TASTING - The PRESSOPUMP prepares a Rich and Creamy Coffee Espresso shot, topped with thick crema. All in under 2 mins preparation
*** RELIABLE – leakproof and durable gasket – Over 300 Espresso shots guaranteed
*** ACHING HAND - Automatic extraction with 16 Bar pressure yet portable and lightweight. All materials are food safe and lead- free
*** EASY TO CLEAN - Your PRESSOPUMP can be cleaned in minutes. All parts are easy to detach to ensure thorough cleaning unlike other portable makers
*** ECO-FRIENDLY - Integrated ultra- fine steel filter reusable again and again

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