Follow Insttructions and It Works Fine

 Laptop batteries by SOLICE

So far, so good. It was larger than old battery but it puts the laptop at a nicer typing angle, so I truly enjoy that.
It locked into place just fine.

At first it didn't charge correctly, but the vendor informed me when I inquired:

> 1.Turn off the laptop.
> 2.Unplug AC power.
> 3.Remove the battery.
> 4.Replace AC power.
> 5.Turn on laptop,allow OS to boot.
> 6.Once logged in to the machine,perform a normal shut donw.
> 7.Unplug AC power.
> 8.Replace battery
> 9.Turn on laptop,allow os to boot.

I did steps 1-9 exactly. Now the battery fully charges and so far is working fine.

Laptop batteries by SOLICE

Here's a great article on extending laptop battery life.

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