Crafty Spy Camera That Looks So Innocent, Super Tiny

A terrific tiny camera that works in an electrical outlet.

A fabulous nanny cam for the home or office, anywhere you have electricity.

Comes with a built-in 32gb memory. Records in 3 minute long files that stack up as files.

You can set the date and time, plus indicate if you want it recording 24/7 or just motion activated.

This camera needs lighting to work, will not work in the dark.

I like this. very crafty for spying on your office or home to see who is perhaps cleaning out your wallet when you aren't around. Catch them red handed!

Hidden Camera Charger Adapter EOVAS 1080P HD USB Wall Charger Camera Nanny Spy Hidden Camera with 32G Internal Memory for Home Security Camera - Update Version 

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Battery Clock and Timer

Clock and timer, all in one!

Super easy to operate. Comes complete with batteries and instructions.

Will count up or down. So if you are waiting for pizza delivery, you can set it to count up so you know how long since you put the order in.

Will count down, which is critical for baking. Stop burning your food, use a timer.

It's nice to have the clock function. Every home needs at least one battery clock to rely on for power outages.

Has a magnet in back or an easel for table and counter top usage.

I like this little handy dandy gadget.

Kitchen Timer, Houswil™ Digital Kitchen Timer for Cooking, Cooking Timer with Count Down /Up , Loud Alarm Sound and Large LCD Display, Strong Magnet Back and Retractable Stand

SSpace Saving Hampers Perfect For Motorhome and Tiny Home Living

StorageManiac Foldable Pop-Up Mesh Laundry Hamper with Reinforced Carry Handles, 2-Pack

StorageManiac Foldable Pop-Up Mesh Laundry Hamper with Reinforced Carry Handles, 2-Pack
I received these 2 pop-up mesh hampers. They arrived in a beautiful color of dark blue.

They were folded into tiny small circles 8 inches in diameter and less than an inch thick.

When I popped one open, it was an astounding size of 14 by 14 by 23 inches tall. Simply amazing! The side pocket easily stores the spare hamper, which I can pop open when needed. I love this versatility.

I live in a small motorhome where space and storage is at a premium. Being able to store these in an 8 inch diameter when not needed is a huge bonus.

Instructions for collapsing them back to the tiny size was not included, but I finally figured it out. You fold the hamper at a right angle to make it flat. Then you pull both ends forming a U shape, then you twist it until it collapses to the 8 inch diameter. I am probably not explaining it right, but it does collapse and twist back to the tiny 8 inch diameter for storage.

These hampers are sturdy, easy to carry and do not bulge out when full of laundry. It's nice to be able to carry a full hamper of dirty clothes to the laundry room in the campground with the spare hamper tucked in the side pocket. When the laundry is dry and folded, I can pop open the 2nd hamper if need be, to carry the dry folded laundry home again in 2 hampers, so that the cleaned clothes don't have to be mashed flat to fit back inside the hamper.

The open mesh design keeps dirty laundry from stinking up, as the air can reach it through the mesh. The hampers are made of polyester, so even if they get wet while transferring wet laundry to a dryer,  the hampers dry almost instantly.

I gave these hampers 5 stars because it's an excellent product providing everything promised. I am pleased to be using these on a daily basis.

StorageManiac Foldable Pop-Up Mesh Laundry Hamper with Reinforced Carry Handles, 2-Pack 

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Quality Stainless Steel Hardware For Cupboards and Drawers

Quality hardware that will last for decades.

Brushed stainless steel is beautiful and durable.

Package comes with 10 handles and 5 knobs. The 30 screws are 5 more than needed, but that gives you some extra just in case you cut one wrong.

Each screw can be hand sawed to the exact length needed, depending on the width of your doors, drawers, cupboards and cabinets.

I bought this for my motorhome, but I haven't installed them yet. Waiting for the paint job to be good and dry for a few days before I attach these.

Top notch good looking hardware that should last for years and years.

Sunriver Cabinet Hardware 10 Pack Bar Cabinet Pulls 5 Pack Cabinet Knobs Stainless Steel Kitchen Handles for Bathroom Bedroom Cupboard Door and Drawer

Waterproof Rechargeable Flashlight Weighing Less Than 5 Ounces

This is a great little waterproof light. It comes with a cord for recharging.

Super handy to have a builtin rechargeable battery.

I have to walk my doggy rain or shine, and sometimes after dark. Having a waterproof light is awesome.

Not having to buy batteries mean doggy's allowance goes a lot further. This means toys for him and he loves his toys.

I like that it has a magnet on one end and a hook on the other end.

Perfect for camping, Rving, dog walking. It's fairly small so you can pack it in your purse or pocket.

Makes a fantastic gift or stocking stuffer.

I give it five bright stars for being eco-friendly and functional.

UYLED Camping Lantern, IP68 Waterproof Portable LED Camping Light with 5 Modes, USB Rechargeable lantern flashlight Stick Light for Outdoor, Camping, Fishing, Emergency 


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Fantastic Vanity Mirror For Men or Women

Fabulous mirror.
Vanity Mirror with Lights, 36 LED Lighted Makeup Mirror with 10X Magnifying Spot Mirror and Touch Screen, 180 Degree Rotation Travel Mirror (Black)

Lights are really bright but you can dim them too.

I like that it has two options for power. One is supply it with 4 AA batteries then you need no cord. But it also came with a USB cord which is super handy. That means it will work on car, RV, boat, 12 volt and household 110 electricity.

It came with a built in easel or a keyhole for hanging it on the wall. The keyhole design means you can take it down to pack it for a trip.

If you have too many people hogging your bathroom for the makeup mirror, then get them this handy dandy vanity mirror with lights.

The 10X mirror with suction cups is a real nice feature for those that might otherwise need prescription eyeglasses.

I am tickled pink with this mirror. It's a great value with welcomed features.

Vanity Mirror with Lights, 36 LED Lighted Makeup Mirror with 10X Magnifying Spot Mirror and Touch Screen, 180 Degree Rotation Travel Mirror (Black) 


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22 Foot Class A Motorhome

This thing is cute as can be. I never knew they made a 22 foot class A.

Amazing!  ;D

For those who like simplicity and traveling light, this is a winner.

The Best Extension Cord For A Permanent Use

This item is a must-have. Finally an extension cord that makes sense!

The plug is flat and at an angle, so you can aim the cord in the direction you need to use it. Having only 3 outlets is just perfect for what I needed it for. Mine was to be installed and used year round, not just occasionally.

I use mine in my older RV which doesn't have enough outlets for today's lifestyle of multi-electronics. I am so happy I found this. It's the best extension cord I've ever owned.

Coleman Cable 03518 Flat Plug Extension Cord, 16/3 Grounded with 3-Outlet Trinector Tap, 12-Foot

Coleman Cable 03518 Flat Plug Extension Cord, 16/3 Grounded with 3-Outlet Trinector Tap, 12-Foot 


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Three Years Later, Still Going Strong, A Must Have For Every Camper

I have been using this over 3 years now.

It is powerful and bright. The batteries last a long time.

When things go bump in the night, I can immediately shine this outside and see what kind of ghoulies and ghosties are lurking about.

While workamping in my RV on remote US Army Corp property, I was able to light up the trespassers that entered the park in the dark after closing. Amazing how having yourself lit up by a bright spotlight can make you want to get back in your car and leave at a rapid pace.

If some fool is banging on your RV door after dark and you aren't expecting a soul, just light them up with this spotlight. They are so blinded that if they had any ill will, they are temporarily stunned and tend to run off at great speed. That is how I got rid of children that were sneaking around in the campground banging on RV doors at 2am.

I've also used it at night for emergency repairs. It gives off big bright light to get the job done quicker. One night in the campground, some late arrivals were having trouble backing into their dark campsite. I was able to light up the campsite for them and they in turn could see out their rear view camera to get their noisy stinky diesel RV parked and shut down.

I love this spotlight. I keep it in a cabinet by my front door, so I can always grab it in a hurry.

Good for security reasons, emergency repairs and anytime you need to throw a bright light at a distance.
Coleman CPX 6 Ultra High Power LED Spotlight

Coleman CPX 6 Ultra High Power LED Spotlight 

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Besides Welding, These Are Perfect for Animal Rescue

Excellent welders' gloves.

Also perfect for animal rescue. Resists teeth and claws when recusing a feral cat or an injured dog.

Extremely well made and durable.

The orange is a soft hue, not glaring. The inside is well lined and superbly comfortable.

13.4" Welding Gloves with Cow Split Leather, Large Comfortable Effective Insulation Soldering Mitten by Lifbeier (Welding gloves)

Clearly Brings In Digital Channels

Fast easy set up.

Brings in clear digital signals.

Cut the cord and cost of cable, save some money and get free TV.

One Year Warranty Rapio 1080P Digital HDTV Best Indoor TV Antenna 50 Miles Range, Super Thin, 16.5ft Coax Cable With Detachable Amplifier Signal Booster 


Buy it now!

Hard Working Door Mat

Comes very tightly rolled up. You will need to hang it up to let it flatten out or place under bricks or boards or both until it is flat enough to be used safely.

Removes dirt and grime from shoes. Easy to clean outdoors with some soap and water.

Super strong rubber smell, but no worries, it's made of rubber and it lives outside.

Alpine Neighbor Door Mat | Washable Indoor/Outdoor Low Profile Doormat with Fleur-de-lis Door Inspired Design Entrance Rug for Home Front Entry Garage Outside Patio Inside Floor Non-Slip Rubber (Gray)

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Scrubs Your Feet Like New Again

These are great scrubbers for the bath or shower.

They do a fantastic job of removing dead skin from the feet as well as any body parts. In my case my feet need these the most so that is what I use them for, foot scrubbing.

I like the festive colors, they fit my hand and wrist nice and comfy.

The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that I so wish they had included a loop on the mitts to hand them up after use. I like to rinse mine out, then hang them up to dry. My shower has hooks, but these have no loops.

Seriously folks? Sew a loop on these and make them super uber functional.

Bath Scrub Gloves Remove Dead Skin Cell for Smoother Skin Exfoliating Gloves for Women, Pack of 2

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Impressive Set of Drill Bits Every Handyman and Homeowner Needs

Beautiful drill bit set in a sturdy long lasting case. Includes automatic center punch to get the hole started. Useful for drilling or for screwing.

Drills through tough wood as well as metal.

This is the equivalent of having 50 drill bits!  Buy some blue painter's tape. You can mark the bit where you want to stop drilling with the tape. then Easily remove the tape and go on to the next project.

If you have a tool-o-holic in your life, get them this kit as a gift.

Tacklife PDH06A Classic Step Drill Bits Set High speed steel Titanium Coated Double Cutting Blades Design Multiple Hole 50 Sizes with Aluminum Case, Automatic Center Punch

Sturdy, Well Padded, Built to Last

Extremely well made.

Will seriously protect your electronics.

Well padded, nice invisible sturdy zipper.

Excellent stitching, nice and tight, no loose threads at all.

Built to last and last.

Best Comfortable Laptop Sleeve Ever] TOMANTEK 11-11.6 Inch PU Polyester Slow-recovery Sponge Shockproof & Water-resistant Laptop Sleeve Case Bag/Ultrabook Laptop Tablet Bag Case/Skin Cover, Black

Incredibly Good Taste In Under 2 Minutes

Tasty Bite makes fantastic products.

This is very tasty and super quick. Serves 1-4 depending on side dishes.

I love to have this with a pile of fresh veggies and herbs.

My microwave cooks the bag in one minute, some will take 90 seconds, maybe more.

Tasty Bite Organic Brown Rice, 8.8 Ounce (Pack of 6)

Best Invention Ever For Safety In a Hot Kitchen

These are the absolute best oven mitts ever made. Great for micorwave, oven, barbecue, stove top, hot pots and emergency radiator attention.

Made of food grade silicone, these have no odor. They re easy to wash. It's OK if they touch your food, you can wash them right away.

Comes with holes to hang them up nearby. This is the last pair of oven mitts you will ever need.

For a chef like me, I give this invention a high five and an awesome ten.

Buy these for yourself and buy them as gifts. The cooks in your life will love you forever.

Toplus Oven Mitts, Up to 446℉ Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves - Insulated Grill Mittens Waterproof Silicone Kitchen Gloves with Hanging Hole, Non-slip Grip for Baking, BBQ, Grill

Ergonomic Functional Cordless Screwdriver

3.6V Cordless Screwdriver WORKSITE CSD-144 1300mA Lithium-Ion Battery Rotating in Multi-angle Rechargeable Electric Screwdriver with 13 Pcs Bits ,30 Pcs Expansion Screw, Magnet Wristband and Led Light
Awesome screwdriver. Come complete with rechargeable battery, charging cord, assorted screw bits, assorted screws, anchors and a magnetic wrist holder for screws.

Ergonomically designed, it seemed tough enough for me to screw into some very tough wood.

Speeds up projects whether assembling or disassembling.

Magnetic wrist band makes it easy to keep screws handy, right on your wrist.

So handy and easy to use, once you try it out, you will wonder how you ever lived so long without one.

3.6V Cordless Screwdriver WORKSITE CSD-144 1300mA Lithium-Ion Battery Rotating in Multi-angle Rechargeable Electric Screwdriver with 13 Pcs Bits ,30 Pcs Expansion Screw, Magnet Wristband and Led Light

The Purest Salt on Earth with Amazing Health Benefits

The best salt you will ever taste.

The Spice Lab Himalayan Fine Ground Pink Salt - Gourmet Pure Crystal - 2lbs.

I walk my doggy and ride my bicycle, often in Florida heat. I need lots of salt to balance out the mountains of purified water I drink.

This is the best salt ever. Very addicting. I've been using it for years. I have neer hd to use rice in my salt shaker, it just seems to pour out fine.

An extraordinary product at a good price.

This may be the purest salt round because it has been naturally protected from modern day pollution. It contains the same 84 trace minerals and elements found in the human body.

Enjoy to your fabulous health!

The Spice Lab Himalayan Fine Ground Pink Salt - Gourmet Pure Crystal - 2lbs.

Tasty Treat That Is As Delicious as any Pepperidge Farm Recipe

Absolutely delicious!

Fabulous as a stand alone cracker, terrific paired with exotic cheese or plain old peanut butter.

Love the triple variety in one box. You don't have to buy a case to enjoy  the flavor. Amazon appears to sell them a box at a time, cheaper than my local grocery store.

Pepperidge Farm Trio Cracker, 10 Ounce

Fabulous Food My Fur Baby Loves For Breakfast

My fur baby loves his Cesar's food. He eats half of one each morning for breakfast. The rest of the day he prefers dry food.
CESAR Classics Meat Flavored Adult Wet Dog Food Trays

The 36 pack last him 72 days, or about two and a half months. Getting it on subscribe and save with other products gets him an extra 15% off. So it's a win win situation for both of us.

He used to have dry wiry fur, now it's not so dry, though it's still wiry and sticks out at odd angles. I hope they keep this 36 pack around, it's handy to buy and store.

Cesars gives him loads of energy to play Frisbee and fight with his teddy bears as well as trot around the block a few times.

We travel in a tiny motorhome. Cesars is easy to store so no matter where we are, we have his food on hand.

CESAR Classics Meat Flavored Adult Wet Dog Food Trays

CESAR Classics Meat Flavored Adult Wet Dog Food Trays

CESAR Classics Meat Flavored Adult Wet Dog Food Trays

CESAR Classics Meat Flavored Adult Wet Dog Food Trays

CESAR Classics Meat Flavored Adult Wet Dog Food Trays

Terrific To Have On Hand as a Spare

Came well packaged for storing.

I travel in an RV with a bicycle. Many places I camp are 50 miles from any bicycle shops. Having a flat is a huge inconvenience.

This came in nice neat box, with the inner tube wrapped in plastic, so it stores nicely as an emergency repair supply.

I've bought many Bell products and been pleased with all of them.

This fits my Day 6 bicycle perfectly. 

Bell Universal Inner Tube

Bell Universal Inner Tube 

Bell Universal Inner Tube

Bell Universal Inner Tube


Delicious and Functional for my Tiny Refrigerator

This is terrific for me. I live in a small RV with  tiny refrigerator. I am able to keep this on the shelf and just cool one or two at a time.

It's 100% juice with no crap added. I just wish they sold it in concentrate so the shipping and storage didn't take up so much room.

While the taste is not 100% fresh squeezed, it is of a high quality.

I am so grateful they sell it in a bottle rather than those annoying teensy boxes with the prewrapped straws that create garbage everywhere.

I just wish Tropicana had more to offer in the 100% juice department.

Delicious when served ice cold.

Tropicana Orange Juice, 10 Ounce (Pack of 24)

Tropicana Orange Juice, 10 Ounce (Pack of 24)

Refreshing and Functional, This Picky Bather Finds This Heavenly

Normally I don't like smelly products, but this one is super pleasing. That's saying a lot coming from someone like me who is so overly picky.

Recently I've had the most tastiest peaches in the world, so maybe the scent of peaches is reminding me of that awesome taste. Ditto for ginger which I consume daily in the form of pickled.

I need Aveeno because my skin is overly sensitive to many soaps.

So far this cleanser is working nicely for me. Glad to see amazon is carrying this.

Aveeno Positively Nourishing Antioxidant Infused Moisturizing Body Wash, 16 Oz

Aveeno Positively Nourishing Antioxidant Infused Moisturizing Body Wash, 16 Oz

Very Handy Method for Storing Out of Season Items

This is a terrific kit complete with a hand pump to seal up your clothes or other fabrics in vacuum storage bags.

The bags are HUGE, you could easily store them under a big bed. In my case I just filled mine half way to fit on a shelf in a storage shed.

I was truly amazed that the hand pump was easy to operate and really did suck out the air.

The quality of the bags is such that you will be able to reuse them over and over dozens of times.

Adoric 6 Pack Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags Works with Included Travel Hand Pump Or Home Vacuum Cleaner (80% More Storage)

Delightful Ice Trays For RV

These are whimsical ice trays that really work.

Both are about 5 inches square. One makes four jumbo ice cubes, the other makes 4 round spherical ice cubes.

Both come with tight fitting spill-proof lids. You can make ice in your freezer while driving your RV.

The silicone is easy to deal with. It's food grade and super safe. Alternatively the 4 compartment square ice tray can be used for assorted snacks or a special meal. Silicone is safe in the microwave and the oven up to about 400F degrees.

I sort of wish they had included a funnel to fill the round tray. However I discovered after slippily filling mine, that I could place four fingers over the holes and dump out the excess water, so that is pretty easy.

Have fun with your friends by serving their next drink with a round ice cube.

AROTAO Ice Cube Trays, Silicone Ice Cube Trays Combo (Set of 2), Large Silicone Sphere Ice Ball Maker with Lid & Giant Ice Cube Molds For Cocktails & Whiskey, Reusable & BPA Free

Exquisite Neck Pillow Set Made of Top Quality Materials

This is a deluxe cushiony travel pillow that comes complete with a sleep mask for your eyes and ear plugs for your ears.

It all fits inside the included bag which is cleverly sewn to the back of the neck pillow so there is no chance of losing the bag.

Travel in supreme comfort with this sleep set which will accommodate you in cars, trains, airplanes, boats, yachts and ships.

The fabric is top quality velour and the memory foam is very comfortable. It bounced back into shape. The unique style of the pillow enables you to have a chin rest or to flip it over and not have a chin rest.

Either way, you can arrive at your destination fully rested with no neck cramps from sleeping funny.

The stitching is nice and neat, very sturdy. The pillow and bag can be machine washed, but do not over dry in a dryer, it will also air dry just fine.

Fafair Memory Foam Travel Pillow U Shape Neck Pillow for Camping, Studying, Traveling, Working with Sleep Mask, Earplugs, Washable Velour Cover

Ambient Battery Lighting

Fabulous Idea For Camping Fun.

Very handy, cute and festive.

Battery operated ambient lighting in high, low or flashing.

Comes in 4 beautiful colors with hanging loop or snap clip.

Perfect for camping and RVing.

LED Camping Tent Light Lantern-Portable Hand Carry Backpacking Hiking Fishing Equipment Power Lamp Bright Outdoor Indoor Lighting (4 colors)

Solar Flashlight With Charger

Super handy.

Love the flashlight that has three functions.

Great for charging in the sunshine while outside camping.

Very versatile can charge by 12 volt, 110 volt or sunshine.

Hiwill Solar Charger 12000mah, Waterproof IP67 Portable Solar Phone Charger, Dual USB Solar Power Bank Input 2.0A MAX External Battery Charger with 2 LED Flashlight for Outdoors-with SoS Modes

Nice Flask for my Bicycle, Walking and Car Use

Nice tumbler, but the label on it is impossible to take off. I don't like the label, so I am taking a star off for that.

Otherwise seems good quality stainless steel.

Doesn't splash when closed, but will leak if turned over.

Mossy Oak Double Wall Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler, 20 oz, Silver

Handy, Sturdy, Well-Built

Very sturdy, well built.

Heavy duty stainless steel.

Keys can't accidentally fall off. Will clip to purse or belt loop. Open bottles too!

Comes in a fancy gift tin that is easy to gift wrap, can use tin box for other things like storing spare duplicate keys.

Idakey Full Stainless Steel Anti-lost Key Chain Carabiner with Bottle Opener for Home, Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Traveling and Keychain Silver

The Magic of Sous Vide

I enjoy cooking and learning new methods of making delectable tasty treats.

When I first heard of Sous Vide I was skeptical about how this was all going to work, yet if the finest restaurants used this method, why not the home chef too?

I ended up with a Kitchen Gizmo Sous Vide machine, then the rest I culled from my kitchen such as a pot of water, zipper food baggies and a spring clamp. Add food and cook!

At the market, I searched for discounted must sale meats. I found these huge Dolly Parton chicken breasts so I came home with those as my first test dish. I made a simple homemade teriyaki sauce with Braggs amino acids, honey, ginger, garlic, orange juice and a splash of wine.

Since each breast was jumbo sized, I used two zipper baggies placing one breast half the sauce in each one. I did the water immersion technique to squeeze out the very last bit of air so each baggie would appear to be vacuum sealed. Then I separated them on the side of the pot of water with a spring clamp to hold them in place.

The idea is to let the Sous Vide machine circulate hot water around the food with out the baggies getting sucked into the little aerator pump.

I set the temperature to 145F per the cooking chart and settled on one hour. At the end of the cooking time, I wasn't satisfied with the results, so I added another half hour. These breasts were mammoth! Matter of fact, I used two plates to serve them at the neighborhood potluck garnished with pineapple chunks.

A dozen neighbors tried the teriyaki chicken and found it moist, tender, and tasty. Some went back for seconds. None of them had heard of Sous Vide but I think they were sold on the concept too after tasting the tender tasty  chicken.

Kitchen Gizmo, Simplified Sous Vide Immersion Circulator - Precise and Even Cooking Without the Fuss 

Stainless Steel Pinky Ring

Beautiful whimsical ring

Sailors love shackle jewelry, so if you have a sailor in your life, this makes a great gift.

It should remain tarnish free in view of the stainless steel.

This is not adjustable, but it fit my pinky finger nicely.

KEB1 Silver Stainless Steel Ring Eternity Comfort Fit Novelty Personalized Engraved Rings Czech Crystal Button Horseshoe U Shape for Women & Man

Wi-Fi Hidden Camera, Nanny Cam

This is a slick idea. Hide your spy camera in plain site.

The only problem is the electrical outlets do not work, so you may want to add a post-it note that reads "Out of order."

Otherwise it's a great camera that you can place at any level on the wall in your office or home or shed or garage or RV. It communicatedsby Wi-Fi with an online program so you can monitor your camera from another location. See what the maid is doing, spy on your pets when you're not home. Check on your office in your absence. Find out who is shopping out of the petty cash. a

Great idea and they thoughtfully included a white front or an off-white cover, so it blends with your decor and other outlets.

Fuvision Wi-Fi Hidden Camera,Electrical Outlet Design Spy IP Camera,30 Days Battery Power Standby,1080P Live Video,Instant Alerts to iOS and Android Devices,16GB Memory Card Included Nanny Camera

Joint Support for Knees & Hips

Seems to help so far. I am up and moving around pain free.

For me this is a bonus as I have numerous past injuries from my adventurous lifestyle.

Product arrived in great shape, well wrapped and protected.

Easy to swallow.

Joint Support for Knees & Hips with Hyaluronic Acid Turmeric Curcumin MSM Pain Capsules 

Colorful Flyswatter

This is a set of fantastic fly swatters. I like that it came in the three pack. You can sit around with your family or friends and nail the flies immediately. 

Alternatively, you can have one inside, one outside and another in the car in case you stop for a picnic somewhere. 

I like the colorful tropical pastels. Might as well kill those buggers in style!

If you get it all gunky from too much killing, they are easy enough to wash with a bit of soap and water. 

Fly Swatter Manual Swat Pest Control with Plastic Long Handel, Durable and Flexible Use-Pack of 3

Class 4 , 2GB Memory SD card

I bought this new but it arrived in an envelope stating it was used.

Seems to work so far.

Class 4 , 2GB Memory SD card

Bicycle Rear Camera

Homscam Wifi Bike Camera Rear View Camera Electronic Wireless Bicycle Rearview Safety Backup Camera for iOS and Android System, Sports Action Camera for All Kinds of Bikes, Rechargeable and Waterproof

Great Addition To Riding with a Smart Phone, Watch Everything Behind You without Turning Around

This is a fabulous idea especially when riding in groups.

Pair this with your smart phone on the handlebars and you can clearly see everything coming up behind you. If you are in a race this can keep you ahead of the pack.

Also handy for watching traffic behind you in case you need to scoot over further because a wide load is bearing down on you. For all you bicycle enthusiasts who travel with a smart phone on the handlebars, this is a must have and a welcome addition to riding your bike in the 21st century.

Homscam Wifi Bike Camera Rear View Camera Electronic Wireless Bicycle Rearview Safety Backup Camera for iOS and Android System, Sports Action Camera for All Kinds of Bikes, Rechargeable and Waterproof

Awesome Sound, Terrific Handle Bar Mount

Incredible Sound and waterproof too.

Sturdy handlebar mount for motorcycle or bicycle. Bright flashlight with two settings plus a third frantic flashing setting for emergencies.

I hesitated about how many stars to give it. The sound is awesome, but my buttons didn't work to shut it down or control the volume or switch between songs. The flashlight buttons worked beautifully, I just wish my other buttons worked.

The other problem is that this does not allow one to use a memory card to play music. For me this would be so handy. I don't ride my bike with a blue tooth phone. It does work with an MP3 player but that requires a cord. When you open the trap door to use the cord, that exposes the innards to the elements should it start raining.

It is rechargeable with an included USB cord. I do like that better than burning through batteries.

I finally settled on 3 stars, Great sound but lacking in the memory card feature and of course the problem in that my buttons didn't seem to work correctly.

Bluetooth Bicycle Speaker New Bee 10W Wireless Waterproof Outdoor Speaker with Led Flashlight Metal Hook Loop and Bicycle Mount for Sports Travel Bicycle Cycling - Black

Double Necklace Chain with Charm

Unique necklace with double chain and exquisite charm.

Very glittery.

Seems very well made with sturdy clasp and nice pendant charm that catches the sunshine and lights making it appear to sparkle.

Made of stainless steel to last.

KEB1 Choker Necklace Rainbow Crystal Pendant Lesbians Bisexual Gay Transgender LGBT Pride Personalized Jewelry Gift Idea Stainless Steel Double Chain

Clever Kitchen Timer with BIG Numbers

This is a nice functional kitchen timer with a LOUD alarm. It counts down with your preset time, or you can set it to count up until you tell it to stop.

Never burn or overcook your meal again. Also handy to count up in case you are wondering how long ago you called for pizza delivery.

Uses one AAA battery that is not included (I wish they had thrown one in the box!)

The numbers are big and bold, you won't need you reading glasses to get a clear view of the timer. Comes with a magnetic back as well as a little easel to set it at an angle on the counter. It also has a place at the top for attaching a string to just hang it on a handy hook nearby.

Makes a great stop watch or kitchen timer. I use mine several times a day to remind me of various things I have gong on when I am multitasking.

SMAtech Digital Kitchen Timer Countdown Countup Timer with Large LCD Display, Big Digits and Buttons, Loud Alarm, Magnetic Backsite - Suits for Cooking, Studying, Sleeping, Doing Exercise (White)

Electronic Gadget Travel Bag

Times have changed for travelers. Now you need more than just a toiletry bag to get through your life.
Zero Grid Electronics Travel Organizer - Cord, Cable, and Accessories Case, Shadow

You need an electronic gadget bag.

This one is cleverly designed to hold cables, cords, memory cards, phones, cameras, MP3 players, chargers, adapters and so on.

Several pages of thick elastic bands capture any sized cord or device or battery. There is also a zippered pouch for small accouterments or for those tiny sets of instructions that come with many doohickeys.

Now you can pack up all your techno gear in one handy travel case. What's the use of having all these organizer tools if you can't keep them organized.

This is a clever bag, very useful.

Zero Grid Electronics Travel Organizer - Cord, Cable, and Accessories Case, Shadow

Unique Spy Cam That You Can Hide in Plain Sight On Your Bookshelf

Conbrov DV9 Hidden Spy Book Camera,720P Home Security Camera with Motion Detection and Night Vision,Built-in 10000mAh Battery Stanby up to 2 Years

This is a great spy camera. It is cleverly concealed inside a leather looking notebook. There are blank pages inside the notebook. I would scratch something out on it like birthday book, or my rock collection. Something that if somebody was snooping around they would just slide it back on the shelf. 

The camera works vertical so you can safely tuck this book away on a bookshelf anywhere in your home or office. It has a motion detection so it will only record when something is happening. Audio recording is optional. 

The kit comes complete with everything except the memory card. I bought a 32b card, it pays to have 2 cards, that you can rotate around. 

Now you can find out the truth about what others are doing in your office or home when you aren't around. Or it can simply make a fun pet cam if you want to double check on your pet in your absence. 

Conbrov appears to make quality products that function correctly. I like it!

Conbrov DV9 Hidden Spy Book Camera,720P Home Security Camera with Motion Detection and Night Vision,Built-in 10000mAh Battery Stanby up to 2 Years

Top Quality, Sturdy and Easy to Manage

Plenty of sturdy tape to put you into business of shipping sturdy packages that will arrive without incident.

Tape King makes a quality product. I am very pleased.

The 12 pack makes it easy for a tiny business to own and store at an affordable price.

Tape King Clear Packing Tape - 60 Yards Per Roll (Pack of 12 Rolls) - Stronger & Thicker 2.7mil, Heavy Duty Adhesive Industrial Depot Tape for Moving Packaging Shipping, Office & Storage

Tape King Clear Packing Tape - 60 Yards Per Roll (Pack of 12 Rolls) - Stronger & Thicker 2.7mil, Heavy Duty Adhesive Industrial Depot Tape for Moving Packaging Shipping, Office & Storage

Terrific Quality Works Flawlessly

Lexar High-Performance MicroSDHC 300x 32GB UHS-I/U1 w/Adapter Flash Memory Card - LSDMI32GBB1NL300A
I am using this for music files to play on portable outdoor speakers.

Holds a months worth of music. Rapidly copies and saves. 

Works beautifully. 

Quality made. 

Lexar High-Performance MicroSDHC 300x 32GB UHS-I/U1 w/Adapter Flash Memory Card - LSDMI32GBB1NL300A

Gorgeous Necklace For Every Day Wear

Beautiful necklace.

Adan Banfi Crystal Necklace, Tree of Life Necklace, Adan Banfi Fashion Natural Stone Bullet Shaped Necklace with Hexagonal Pointed Pendant - Daily, Festival, Parties & Gifts Choice

Arrives in a stylish hinged gift box with a ribbon.

Catches the light, looks stunning.

18 inch chain with lobster claw clasp so when you put it on, it stays on.

Solid Grinder That Will Last Forever, Perfectly Sized

Precisely made grinder for the herb enthusiast. The parts are carefully milled to fit exactly with no rough burrs and no work. They just effortlessly screw on and off.

The size is perfect. Very ergonomic. Fits in your hand, is easy to manipulate.

Grind herbs, teas, spices and whatever else you need to transform into a fine powder. A perfect companion for vaporizing.

Sahara Sailor 2.2'' Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher, 5 Layers, Zinc Alloy

Sahara Sailor 2.2'' Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher, 5 Layers, Zinc Alloy

Fantastic File and Nail Cleaner

Fabulous nail file that comes in a six pack.

Enough for your purse, bathroom, nightstand, desk, luggage and a spare for that friend that accidentally walks off with yours.

These come with a simple sheaf to keep the pointy end safe so you don't get stabbed in your purse looking for one. Matter of fact the pointy end seriously cleans the gunk out from under your nails.

Using these daily will keep your nails in tip top shape for all the fun things you love to do that mess them up again. That is my problem. I want my nails to look terrific but I do gardening and projects too.

Diamon Deb has been around for decades, providing a quality product that seriously works.

6 Pack Diamon Deb Nail Files 6 Inches Long

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Very handy.


Attaches to belt or shirt or tool bag.

Bright color makes it easy to find even if you are hopelessly disorganized.

Tacklife TM-B01-2 Classic Tape Measure 10FT Tape Ruler Metric and Inches Measurement with Auto Lock for Construction, Home Improvement, Carpentry Measurement-Pack of 2

Incredible Sound, Makes My Pants Want to get Up and Dance

This puts the fun in dance and music.

It's summertime and I am outdoors sun up to sun down. I love my tunes!

I loaded up 32gb of my favorites, put them in this waterproof speaker, now I have tuns on my patio all day long.

Perfect for tiny home living, camping, RVing, instant party.

I carry this in my purse and joke about "party in my purse!"

I was pleasantly surprised at the superb quality of the sound. The lows are low and the highs are high, no distortion, even at louder volumes.

Perfect For Traveling on Extended Trips

I am excited to get this bag. It's lightweight yet very well made with sturdy fabric, tight stitching and in many cases double hardware such as zippers.

It has numerous pockets tucked in handy places that make them truly useful.

At the very top where the handle is, if you are not wearing it on your back is a small zipper compartment that is eash for you to reach. It's the perfect size for your wallet and passport.

I use to traverse by sailboats often. Having a backpack is the preferred luggage because you can carry it on your back while going up and down the ladders to get on and off the boats, thus keeping it dry and less likely to fall into the ocean.

I believe this size will easily qualify as carrry-on luggage. So you don't even have to check it in. It's much easier to carry it on your back than to fool around with those wheeled type luggage pieces. The wheels take up too much room.

This backpack thoughtfully has two drink holders, one on either side. The straps are padded and very comfortable. This is a lot of bang for th buck. I will enjoy using this on my next trip.

If it doesn't fit in my backpack, I'm not taking it with me.

TOMSHOO 35L Outdoor Sport Backpack Nylon Pack Travel Bag