Wi-Fi Hidden Camera, Nanny Cam

This is a slick idea. Hide your spy camera in plain site.

The only problem is the electrical outlets do not work, so you may want to add a post-it note that reads "Out of order."

Otherwise it's a great camera that you can place at any level on the wall in your office or home or shed or garage or RV. It communicatedsby Wi-Fi with an online program so you can monitor your camera from another location. See what the maid is doing, spy on your pets when you're not home. Check on your office in your absence. Find out who is shopping out of the petty cash. a

Great idea and they thoughtfully included a white front or an off-white cover, so it blends with your decor and other outlets.

Fuvision Wi-Fi Hidden Camera,Electrical Outlet Design Spy IP Camera,30 Days Battery Power Standby,1080P Live Video,Instant Alerts to iOS and Android Devices,16GB Memory Card Included Nanny Camera

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