Three Years Later, Still Going Strong, A Must Have For Every Camper

I have been using this over 3 years now.

It is powerful and bright. The batteries last a long time.

When things go bump in the night, I can immediately shine this outside and see what kind of ghoulies and ghosties are lurking about.

While workamping in my RV on remote US Army Corp property, I was able to light up the trespassers that entered the park in the dark after closing. Amazing how having yourself lit up by a bright spotlight can make you want to get back in your car and leave at a rapid pace.

If some fool is banging on your RV door after dark and you aren't expecting a soul, just light them up with this spotlight. They are so blinded that if they had any ill will, they are temporarily stunned and tend to run off at great speed. That is how I got rid of children that were sneaking around in the campground banging on RV doors at 2am.

I've also used it at night for emergency repairs. It gives off big bright light to get the job done quicker. One night in the campground, some late arrivals were having trouble backing into their dark campsite. I was able to light up the campsite for them and they in turn could see out their rear view camera to get their noisy stinky diesel RV parked and shut down.

I love this spotlight. I keep it in a cabinet by my front door, so I can always grab it in a hurry.

Good for security reasons, emergency repairs and anytime you need to throw a bright light at a distance.
Coleman CPX 6 Ultra High Power LED Spotlight

Coleman CPX 6 Ultra High Power LED Spotlight 

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