Perfect For Traveling on Extended Trips

I am excited to get this bag. It's lightweight yet very well made with sturdy fabric, tight stitching and in many cases double hardware such as zippers.

It has numerous pockets tucked in handy places that make them truly useful.

At the very top where the handle is, if you are not wearing it on your back is a small zipper compartment that is eash for you to reach. It's the perfect size for your wallet and passport.

I use to traverse by sailboats often. Having a backpack is the preferred luggage because you can carry it on your back while going up and down the ladders to get on and off the boats, thus keeping it dry and less likely to fall into the ocean.

I believe this size will easily qualify as carrry-on luggage. So you don't even have to check it in. It's much easier to carry it on your back than to fool around with those wheeled type luggage pieces. The wheels take up too much room.

This backpack thoughtfully has two drink holders, one on either side. The straps are padded and very comfortable. This is a lot of bang for th buck. I will enjoy using this on my next trip.

If it doesn't fit in my backpack, I'm not taking it with me.

TOMSHOO 35L Outdoor Sport Backpack Nylon Pack Travel Bag

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