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Fantastic rhythm and blues!

Night Time Is The Right Time (Remastered Version)
Ray Charles

Night Time Is The Right Time (Remastered Version) Ray Charles

Here's the lyrics by Ray Charles:

You know the night time, darling (night and day)
Is the right time (night and day)
To be (night and day)
With the one you love, now (night and day)Say now, oh baby (night and day)
When I come home baby, now (night and day)
I wanna be with the one I love, now (night and day)
You know what I'm thinking of (night and day)I know the night time (night and day, oh)
Whoa, is the right time (night and day, oh)
To be with the one you love, now (night and day)
I said to be with the one you love (night and day)You know my mother, now (night and day)
Had to die, now (night and day)
Mmm-hmm, and my father (night and day)
Left the poor child to cry (night and day)
Whoah, whoa baby (night and day)
When I come home baby now (night and day)
I want you to hold my hand (night and day)
Yeah, tight as you can (night and day)I know the night time (night and day, oh)
Whoah, is the right time (night and day, oh)
To be with the one you love (night and day)
You know what I'm thinking of (night and day)Whoah, sing your song, Margie (baby)(Night and day)
Baby (night and day)
Baby (night and day)
Oh, Baby (night and day)Do I love you? (night and day)
No one above you (night and day)
Hold me tight (night and day)
And make everything all right (night and day)
Because the night time (night and day)
Oh, is the right time (night and day)
To be with the one you love now (night and day)
Oh yeah (night and day)Tease me (night and day)
Squeeze me (night and day)
Leave me (night and day)
Ah, don't leave me (night and day)Lord, baby (night and day)
Take my hand, now (night and day)
I don't need (night and day)
No other man (night and day)Because the night time (night and day)
Oh, is the right time (night and day)
To be with the one you love (night and day)
Oh yeah (night and day)I said baby (night and day)
Baby (night and day)
Baby (night and day)
Whoah, baby now (night and day)
Oh, come on baby (night and day)
You know I want you by my side (night and day)
I want you to keep (night and day)
Oh, keep me satisfied (night and day)I know the night time (night and day)
Everyday is the right time (night and day)
Yeah, to be with the one you love now (night and day)Well, you know it's all right

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