I Found Heavn On Earth With The Relief This Neck Massager Has Provided Me

Pain is a daily part of my life for numerous reasons beyond my control. Anytime I can find a way to reduce or eliminate my suffering it improves the quality of my life tremendously. I can focus on the positive aspects of living and not be distracted by agony. I am unable to use any kind of medication for pain relief because the side effects are dangerously problematic.

For months my neck had become so painful that I was unable to drive. Turning my head rapidly from side to side before crossing a street was just sheer torture. When this massager arrived, I popped it out of the box, to wrap around my neck then I turned it on.

I was truly amazed. It seemed like live hands were working the knots out of my neck. I closed my eyes and let this machine do magic. I adjusted the arms rests to let the kneading slowly go up to my lower scalp.  The intense relief was amazing. A refreshing tingling just ran up and down my neck and spine. I suddenly just felt wonderful.

Even now while writing about this, I want to stop what I am doing and get another massage. Every time I use this, I  get relief that is lasting longer each time. It's put a smile back on my face. I now turn my head freely without the extreme discomfort I was experiencing before.

In my selfishness, I have not let anyone else try this out so I don't know how it affects others, but for me, it's drastically improved the quality of my life.


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