Make Your Own Cheap Dishwasher Soap

 Expand space in your tiny home or RV by carrying only a few essential natural cleaning supplies that can be combined to make various cleaning agents. Here we have featured dishwasher detergent for automatic dishwashers.

Small dishwashers are defined as smaller than 24 inches wide. They can be built into cabinets, attached to the sink via hoses, or there are countertop models.

18 inch under counter dishwasher

Dishwasher Detergent Recipe #1 - Borax and Baking Soda

    1 tablespoon Borax (available in 65 ounces which is 4 pounds, 1 ounce)
    1 tablespoon baking soda (available in 13.5 pound bags or boxes)
    If you wish to make a larger batch, simply mix one-to-one, such as one cup and one cup.

Mix the Borax and baking soda together. Then, add to your dishwasher's detergent compartment, and run as usual.

Why This Works: Borax and baking soda are both natural disinfectants and mild abrasives – just what you need to blast away stuck on food and germs. In fact, you may be interested in learning that Borax is a common ingredient in many commercial detergents.

Dishwasher Detergent Recipe #2

Some people have found the simple Borax and baking soda recipe leaves a film on their dishes. This recipe uses washing soda instead of baking soda, and adds citric acid and salt, which can be more effective at getting dishes and glasses clean.

You will need to find food grade citric acid, or you can use unsweetened lemonade mix.

    1 tablespoon borax
    1 tablespoon washing soda
    1/2 tablespoon kosher salt
    1/2 tablespoon food-grade citric acid
    To make a larger batch, you can vary the amounts, just keep the ratios at 2:2:1:1.

Mix all of the ingredients.

Use one to two tablespoons per load of dishes. You can substitute unsweetened lemonade mix for the citric acid, as it is mostly citric acid. As a bonus, it adds a lemony scent. The salt is used to soften hard water and may not be necessary if you have soft water.
Dishwasher Detergent Recipe #3 - Borax-Free

Some people wish to avoid using Borax. Washing soda provides a similar chemical action.

    3 tablespoons washing soda
    3 tablespoons citric acid
    1 tablespoon baking soda
    1 tablespoon kosher salt
    You can vary the amounts in this recipe to make a larger batch, just keep the ratio of 3:3:1:1.

Mix together and use one to two tablespoons per load in your dishwasher. Store the rest in a glass container. As with the second recipe, you may not need the salt if you have soft water.
Tips and Warnings for Homemade Dishwasher Detergents

    Borax sells under the name 20 Mule Team, and can be found in the laundry aisle at your grocery store or big box store. Arm and Hammer washing soda can also be found in the laundry aisle.
    Food-grade citric acid can be found in the area of your grocery store where canning goods are sold. If your store doesn't stock canning goods, you can buy it online.
    Save time by making up big batches of dishwasher detergent, consisting of equal parts Borax and baking soda.

Compact Appliances

Waterproof and Rechargeable Fitness Tracker

I am techno challenged and this watch had more bells and whistles than I could ever need.
It's waterproof which is super handy, who needs a watch that can be ruined with a bit of rain?
I was able to use it without a smart phone ap, so I liked that but the manual and the one button to do everything was kind of cumbersome to learn.
I just wanted it for walking and biking.
Works pretty well and it's rechargeable, so no teensy tiny batteries to install.
Big generous strap.

Fitness Tracker, Willful SW329 Heart Rate Monitor Waterproof Activity Tracker Smart Bracelet Pedometer with Step Calories Counter,Sleep Monitor for Android and IOS Smartphones Walking Cycling

Good All Purpose Scale for Kitchen and Office

Nice small scale.
Comes with batteries which is a nice touch indeed.
Pull of the plastic protective film and it's stunningly beautiful for mundane tasks like weighing outgoing mail and small packages.
I also use it in the kitchen for cooking.
For the most part, precise measurements are not necessary in cooking, but are a critical part of baking success.
Assembling your baking ingredients by weight instead of volume can lead to fantastic results in baked goods.
In fact, incorrect measuring is one of the biggest reasons that most baking endeavors fail.
For instance:
A bit of extra flour can lead to rock-hard cookies, tough bread, and less-than fluffy cakes.
Too much granulated sugar and your cookies will be crispy when you wanted them soft and chewy.
Embracing this scale to assemble your baked goodies instead of relying on volume will give you perfect results.
The quick-set tare is super handy on this scale.
I can place a bowl on it, set the tare to zero then add my ingredients for weighing.
Besides baking, I use this scale to weight the outgoing mail and small packages to determine the cheapest method for shipping.
So far it's a good all purpose scale to have around the home.
I really like the auto shut off function that preserves battery life even though I try to remember to turn it off, it remembers for me if I get distracted.

Toplus Digital Food Scale, Stainless Steel Easy to Clean Multifunction Kitchen Scale, Weighing from 1g/0.002lbs to 11lbs (Batteries Included)

Pet Heating Pad

It took him a few days of sniffing it over suspiciously before he would actually lay down on it.
Now he lays on it often and enjoys it.
It came with two covers, one in baby boy blue and the other in trendy hot pink.
The cover has a small opening, at first I thought it was too small, but then I realized it makes it hard for my puppy to accidentally pull it off the inner heating pad when he rearranges his body.
The insert is sealed in plastic.
There were no odors when I set it up for use.
This heated bed is for indoor use. The cord is long enough to not require an extension cord for my use.
My canine is taught to not chew cords so I have no idea if the cord is chew proof or not.
So far I've been using the pad at 50C (about 122F) for my pooch.
One control is a push type, the other is a slider.
If I can get a cuter picture of him using it, I will post it here.

Pet Heating Pad, Electric Blanket Heating Pad for Dog Cats Bed Mats Pet Heated Bed Warming Pad Heating Mat PETRICH Pet Heater with 2 Pack of Removable Covers, 18” x 18”

TV Digital Antenna for Tiny Homes

Pretty Simple, Works Great.
Screw the cable part into the back of your TV.
Plug in the electricity.
Turn on TV, rescan for channels.
After several tests of putting it hither and yonder (rescanning TV each time) I found out putting it high up in the window brought in the most channels.
Use Painters Tape To Reposition Antenna Differnt Places Until You Find The Best

TV Antenna, ZetHot 50 to 70 Mile Range Amplified Indoor TV Antenna with 16.5FT High Performance Coax Cable for Digital Freeview and Analog TV Signals - Free Local Channels for Life for HDTV / TV 

Read more info on how to find the best reception

Kitchen in a Tiny Home

A busy day in a Tiny Home kitchen!

I discovered magnet hooks that stick to the underside of the coffee pot
provide extra drip drying room  which is why the scissors are dangling there drip drying.

Made of nice heavy glass with stainless steel infuser. I like the gripper on the outside.

Can share with a friend or drink straight from the bottle.

I stuck 2 tea bags in the bottom, put the bottom cap on, then filled it with purified water, put the top cap on, then set it in the fridge overnight.

Delicious iced tea the next morning.

I  also used this to brew sun tea which is a favorite of mine.

I used 2 hibiscus flowers to make tea, set it in the sun a few hours, then I added a squeeze of lemon to make it pink in color.

Next I tried loose green tea and had even more delicious tea .

As a southern gal, I love iced tea.

Resveralife Tea Infuser Bottle and Cold Brew Coffee Tumbler, Gets You Going So You Can Get Going

A Brilliant Idea for a Rechargeable Light

An ingenious design.
Screw it in to a light fixture, get it fully charged.
Unscrew it then screw on the handy hook with builtin button.
Hang it up and now you have light anywhere you like.

Sunnest 9W Emergency LED Light Bulb, Rechargeable Lamp Portable LED Lantern Tent Light with Built-in Battery and Hang Hook for Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Home Lighting and Power Failure E26/E27

Perfect For Off Grid Use

Super easy.
Stick it up and choose a setting.
I chose the motion sensor mode but I like the options of having several modes to choose from.
As I walk around outside, it comes on, lighting  my way then goes off after awhile.
What I like best of all, is no electric bill to pay for  having safety and security lights.

Solar LED Wall Lights, Minger IP65 Outdoor Motion Sensor Lighting, Wireless Waterproof Security Night Light for Yard, Garden, Barn, Step Stair, Driveway 

New at This But the Results Are Awesome

Works for me.
Did an amazing job my first time trying.
The picture shows on the left my natural hair after regular brushing, on the right I have used just one slow pass with the straightener brush.
I appreciate they include the nice protective glove with it.

SUPRUS Hair Straightener Brush Ceramic Ionic Heating PTC Technology Adjustable 21 Setting Temperature Lock LED Display with Heat Resistant Glove Gift Packaging

Versatile Solar Spotlight Perfect for Off Grid Living

Vorally Solar Spotlight With Motion Sensor,17 LED Chips, Daylight White, Waterproof, Solar Wall Lights, Outdoor Flood Light For Garden, Tree, Driveway, Yard, Lawn, Backyards,etc.

Super bright flood light.
Be careful where you aim it so as not to disturb the neighbors.
The motion sensor works quickly.
There are 2 arms on it so you can adjust it at any angle plus install it vertical or horizontally.
I am very pleased.
Best of all is NO electric bill for using it.

Burgandy and Lace

My pictures don't do this dress justice. It's an amazing bargain from IVNIS.
Dress is fully lined and the lace is exquisite.
The back has an invisible zipper.
The skirt flares out for dancing.
It comes in 14 different colors, I chose burgundy.
The sash comes with it, but is optional
There are tiny little belt loops. 
Comes in sizes up to 3X
I love the vintage lace and the V deck.
Swings out beautifully for dancing. 

IVNIS Women's Cocktail Dress V Neck Vintage Floral Lace Swing  Dress 

Multifunctional Tool

For tiny home living, this is a must have.
A nifty functional tool that takes up minimal space.
Keep it handy around the kitchen, or grab it to make a repair.
Pliers, screwdriver, knife, bottle opener, can opener, poker, saw,  file and so on.
Fits in your pocket.
Use it to run from a hurricane or go camping for fun.
Ideal For Tiny Home Living

Multitool Pliers Newild 12-in-1 Multi Purpose Pocket tool Set with Knife Fire Starter Nylon Sheath Durable Black Oxide Super Hardened 420 Stainless Steel for Survival,Camping,Fishing,Hunting,Hiking

Elegant Stainles Steel Water Carafe

This is a very stylish water carafe.
It keeps water icy cold.
The lid fits tight.
It doesn't leak.
Easy to drink out of as a personal water bottle.
Gorgeous as an elegant water carafe on a table for 2-4 guests.
My pictures don't do it justice, it's really quite beautiful brushed stainless steel.

Toplus Lightweight Stainless Steel Water Bottle Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Thermos, 17 Oz (500 ml)

Great little mouse, Doesn't eat my cheese

Works flawlessly. Comfy in the hand.

Best of all, no cord!

Just plug and play, um, plug and work!

Wireless Mouse, Gvoo 2.4G Noiseless Silent USB Mouse With Adjustable DPI 1000/1500/2000 Nano Receiver Long Range Optical Cordless Mouse for PC Windows Mac Linux Vista Tablet Computer

Hair Pins

I so needed these to put my long hair up into a bun. One advantage to having long hair is the multitude of hair styles I can have.

Now that I often ride my bicycle which when I say often, that is pretty much every single day. So sometimes it sure would be handy to put my long hair up in a bun. Sure it looks great flowing down my back when I ride, but I also sometimes end up with dread locks. While that can be another delightful style to have, I don't think dread locks can ever be undone, once they are done. So in other words, I am skipping the dread lock style for now.

For some silly reason I couldn't find these old fashioned hair pins at local stores. Once again,  Amazon to the rescue!

These are different from typical bobby pins, these are open at both ends.  Perfect for styling long hair.

Diane 3" Hair Pins, Black, 32/card