Hair Pins

I so needed these to put my long hair up into a bun. One advantage to having long hair is the multitude of hair styles I can have.

Now that I often ride my bicycle which when I say often, that is pretty much every single day. So sometimes it sure would be handy to put my long hair up in a bun. Sure it looks great flowing down my back when I ride, but I also sometimes end up with dread locks. While that can be another delightful style to have, I don't think dread locks can ever be undone, once they are done. So in other words, I am skipping the dread lock style for now.

For some silly reason I couldn't find these old fashioned hair pins at local stores. Once again,  Amazon to the rescue!

These are different from typical bobby pins, these are open at both ends.  Perfect for styling long hair.

Diane 3" Hair Pins, Black, 32/card 

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