Good All Purpose Scale for Kitchen and Office

Nice small scale.
Comes with batteries which is a nice touch indeed.
Pull of the plastic protective film and it's stunningly beautiful for mundane tasks like weighing outgoing mail and small packages.
I also use it in the kitchen for cooking.
For the most part, precise measurements are not necessary in cooking, but are a critical part of baking success.
Assembling your baking ingredients by weight instead of volume can lead to fantastic results in baked goods.
In fact, incorrect measuring is one of the biggest reasons that most baking endeavors fail.
For instance:
A bit of extra flour can lead to rock-hard cookies, tough bread, and less-than fluffy cakes.
Too much granulated sugar and your cookies will be crispy when you wanted them soft and chewy.
Embracing this scale to assemble your baked goodies instead of relying on volume will give you perfect results.
The quick-set tare is super handy on this scale.
I can place a bowl on it, set the tare to zero then add my ingredients for weighing.
Besides baking, I use this scale to weight the outgoing mail and small packages to determine the cheapest method for shipping.
So far it's a good all purpose scale to have around the home.
I really like the auto shut off function that preserves battery life even though I try to remember to turn it off, it remembers for me if I get distracted.

Toplus Digital Food Scale, Stainless Steel Easy to Clean Multifunction Kitchen Scale, Weighing from 1g/0.002lbs to 11lbs (Batteries Included)

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