Pet Heating Pad

It took him a few days of sniffing it over suspiciously before he would actually lay down on it.
Now he lays on it often and enjoys it.
It came with two covers, one in baby boy blue and the other in trendy hot pink.
The cover has a small opening, at first I thought it was too small, but then I realized it makes it hard for my puppy to accidentally pull it off the inner heating pad when he rearranges his body.
The insert is sealed in plastic.
There were no odors when I set it up for use.
This heated bed is for indoor use. The cord is long enough to not require an extension cord for my use.
My canine is taught to not chew cords so I have no idea if the cord is chew proof or not.
So far I've been using the pad at 50C (about 122F) for my pooch.
One control is a push type, the other is a slider.
If I can get a cuter picture of him using it, I will post it here.

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