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Fun bean bag chair with memory foam.

This should be a pet option, because my 7 pound dog adores this chair. He has moved right on it and doesn't want anyone else to use it. He thinks it was bought for him alone.

For me, a short middle aged women with extra fluff,  it wasn't comfy sitting on because it's hard for me to get back up and out of it again, but I discovered it makes an awesome ottoman for propping up my legs or feet. Even with my feet plopped up on it, the dog tries to worm his way on top of it too, looking at my feet disdainfully.

I like that it came with two sacks, not one. It's easy enough to unzip and remove the outer one for washing, while the inner one holds all the shredded memory foam.

It does bounce back after each use. Mine took a few days to fluff up fully. I think the dog is a little perplexed that he gets it all cozy, then it fluffs up when he leaves.

Supersized might be an overstatement, as it's not comfy for full sized American adults, but it you are on the slender side or smaller statue, it will work fine for you and of course anyone kid size... such as children.

It does remind me of my early teens, as I did have a bean bag chair in my room then. Most of the kids did and we let our friends sit in them when they came to visit. Ah nostalgia, the good old days.

 King-Sized Bean Bag Chair in Flaming Red - New King Size Big Soft Comfort Cover with Memory Foam Filler - Cozy Lounger & Bed - Kids & Teens Love This Huge Sack - Indoor Furniture by Panda Sleep 

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