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Dreamfoam Bedding Latex Mattress

Dreamfoam Bedding Latex Mattress
I have medical problems and ordered the softest mattress they could build. That is what is so cool about this company, they build to order. They asked my weight and which side I slept on and so on. The mattress came quickly, it was rolled up severely. Luckily I hauled it inside the motorhome and got it into place before opening the wrapper. It expanded super quickly!

It appeared to be fully "inflated" but by the next day, it was even thicker.  It is beautiful!  The quality of the mattress cover was A+.

I feel like a kitten curled up to mama cat in this bed. It alleviated MANY of my achy problems. You will NOT need any box springs for this because my bed lays on a hard platform with no box springs at all.  I also have an electric  mattress warmer on top of it followed by a thin mattress pad, next a 2 inch mattress topper then the sheets. I seriously wanted some comfort from my achy joints and relieve the pressure points on my other medical problems to prevent bed sores.  I use the mattress warmer when it is chilly at night.

This mattress is GREAT. It arrived odor free and does not get hot nor cold. I also use my bed to sit up in to watch TV and it is super soft like an expensive sofa.  I sleep better and feel better. When I am in pain, I can go lay down and feel wonderful again.

LATEX is the way to go.  I did tons of research on mattresses before settling on this one.  I am VERY happy with this mattress. As I write this review, I have slept on my bed every night for 8 months. Even if I trade my motorhome, my mattress is going with me!

People thought I was nuts to mailorder my mattress, but after doing my research, I settled on LATEX.
I was pleased with what I read about this company and took my chances with a prayer. I am super glad I did.

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