A Stunning Piece of Functional Sculpture For Your Kitchen or Bar

Alessi PSJS Juicy Salif Citrus Squeezer

Just today I was describing this exotic juicer to my friend. I was truly amazed to find it for sale on Amazon.

When I worked in the Caribbean as a private chef, this was installed in one of the exotic kitchens I frequented. It was a work of stylish art yet it functions quite beautifully as a juicer that doesn't make a mess.

Just place a cup, glass or bowl underneath, then juice away with lemons, limes or oranges. The functionality is incredible. The bulbous shape of the juicer aims the juice into a nice neat stream. It doesn't splatter or make a mess.

It's also stylish for a bar. A very elegant way to splash some fresh citrus juice into the latest liquid libation.

It's a great conversation piece in any kitchen or bar, yet stunningly functional.

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