Not Just For Pies, Does Extra Duty in Microwave and as a Serving Bowl

Corningware Pie Plate

Not just for pies. I love this pie plate and use mine often.

Corningware French White 9" Pie Plate

Mostly I use mine in the microwave to steam fresh vegetables. I arrange the veggies in similar sizes in the pie plate, sprinkle with herbs and sometimes a homemade dressing or just a squirt of lime or lemon. I then cover the veggies with a microwave plate cover. I steam them in the microwave from 3-10 minutes depending on the type of veggies and the softness desired.

Corningware French White 9" Pie Plate

The pie plate looks so elegant I can serve the veggies table side right out of the pie plate. It will get pretty warm steaming veggies, so I set a trivet under my pie plate before plopping it down on the table.

Corningware French White 9" Pie Plate

I sometimes cook a boneless turkey roast in the crockpot. Then I have to remove the cooked roast so I can use the remaining juices to make gravy. I set the turkey roast in the pie plate, so if there are any juices that escape, it doesn't make a mess. After the roast has sat long enough to remove the string trussing, I can either slice the roast right in the pie plate or transfer it to a chopping board, then fan the slices meat back out in the pie plate for a pretty presentation.

I have also used this pie plate for serving hors d'oeuvres. It's just an all around good looking dish that does far more than just make a pie.

This is a must have for any kitchen. It's also especially useful for tiny home living because it is so multi-functional. Mine has traveled with me over 6 years in a mini motorhome. It nests nicely between the fry pan and wok along with my other nesting cookware. I use rubber shelf liner between them so they ride quietly down the highway.

This is one of my most used pieces in the galley. I've accidentally dropped it and like true Corningware, it didn't chip or break. While Corningware is breakable it's known for being super tough resisting chipping and breakage. No matter what you've baked in it, you can scrub it back clean and white again.

I have used the Cast Iron Cleaner Chainmail Scrubber XL 8X6 Inch Highest Grade ss316 Handcrafted Stainless Steel Skillet, Cookware Cleaner + Free Cleaning Cloth to scrub off a messy baked on spot and the pie plate is simply white again, ready for service.

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