Power Converter

 Now I Can Reach The Back Dually Tires On My Motorhome

I bought this to go with my PI auto store tire inflator.
The 12 volt tire inflator would reach the front tires on my Class C motorhome by plugging it into the cigarette lighter but it wouldn't reach my rear dual tires.
I bought this inverter so I could use it with a standard extension cord  or regular household outlet and then reach my dual tires. In my case on one side of the RV was an outside outlet, so I could reach the rear tires on that side. Then I hooked up an extension cord, ran around to the other side of the RV and did those rear tires.
When I drove away in my motorhome, it gave me great peace of mind to know my tires were all properly inflated for safe driving.
Next I used this handy gadget on a 5th wheel travel trailer that had been sitting on its tires for two years with no maintenance on them.
I was able to use an extension cord, hook up the inverter then plug in the tire inflator.
Eventually we had all 4 tires ready for safe towing and traveling.
The bonus is this works with other 12 volt gadgets that have a cigarette adapter.

P.I Auto Store 110V AC - 12V DC Power Inverter / Adapter / Converter 10 Amp. for Air Compressor,Tire Inflator, Electric Seat Warmer, RV refrigerator, Car TV etc.

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