Handles HOT Food, Provides Excellent Grip, Will Open Stubborn Jar Lids Too

These gloves are huge. They fit all sized hands. I have medium hands and have room to spare. My boyfriend with jumbo hands has used them for cooking and they fit him fine which surprised us both.

I am in a small motorhome with a microwave placed overhead up high. I have had trouble in the past with accidentally getting burned while trying to remove hot dishes from the microwave at this awkward angle. I have also dropped and broken dishes too because they were too hot or slipped from my grasp with normal hot pads.

I purchased these gloves to see if this would make my life safer. I am super pleased. I feel NO heat when wearing these gloves  using them to remove hot food from the microwave or the propane oven. The silicone hearts stamped on the gloves give them non-skip nubs that seriously work.

These gloves will also remove stubborn jar lids because their grip is awesome. For anyone that is a klutz or wants a safer life, these gloves are the ticket.

They also wash up beautifully. You can use them to handle food directly like grabbing baking potatoes or rotating hot food like bone-in chicken pieces on a grill.

While the orange isn't my favorite color, these gloves work beautifully and are now a treasured item in my motorhome kitchen. I use them daily and hang them up when not in use so they are always available. There is a hanging hole in the glove at the base which is a thoughtful feature.

I give these gloves a high five for usefulness, durability and functionality.

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