Awesome Antenna For My Motorhome Lifestyle

I have been traveling and using this in my motorhome for over 2 years now.

UAWIFI UA3 Rugged USB Wi-Fi Adapter

I am VERY impressed and pleased. Sometimes I can stick it on the ceiling inside the motorhome and it improves the Wifi signal,other times I have to run it out the window and stick it up on the high side of the RV. The magnet is VERY powerful, a huge plus.

When more is necessary, I stick it up on top of a homemade antenna pole made from PVC poles. I bought one of those stock screws that is about 16 inches long and screwed that into one of the screw holes on the antenna. Then I lashed it to a broom stick which attaches to my 2 PVC poles that I connect so I end up with about an 18 foot antenna pole.

Recently I bought PTC - 20 Meters (64 Feet) USB 2.0 Active Extension / Repeater Cable A Male to A Female - Supports High Speed USB2.0 480 Mbps which gives me another 64 feet. Since it's active, it pushes power to the antenna. Now I have a lot more room with the extra 64 feet to find a tree to tie my antenna to in the campground or I lash it to the rear ladder on the motorhome.

I gave this 5 stars because it works out quite nicely for me. Many campgrounds have weak signals and this helps. I am using it on an old laptop, a 2007 Lenovo T61 running Windows 7.

UAWIFI UA3 Rugged USB Wi-Fi Adapter

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