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The review below was written February 2014. As of March 2017, I am EXTREMELY pleased with my Berkey's performance. My health has enjoyed a great deal of improvements in many areas. Amazing what purified water can do for one. I do not trust bottled water one bit! It's not regulated and you have zero control over what's in it. The endless water bottles are clogging up our landfills and I see them littered liberally all over our beautiful countryside. 

I personally use a stainless steel water water bottle (flask) that I can refill from home thousands and thousands of times. I also use stainless steel drinking tumblers in my motorhome. Stainless steel is safe, non-toxic, unbreakable and free from BPA. As a bonus, you can store the stainless steel cups in the freezer (where I keep mine) so you always have icy cold drinks.After removing from the freezer,  I shove mine in a cozy cup so they are insulated and don't leave water rings when I set them down. 

My original review of the fantastic Berkey water purifier is posted below. If you don't own this, you aren't living right. Our bodies (and our pets) need good healthy water. Go green and be kind to mother nature. Stop buying bottled water and purify your own for drinking and cooking. Improve the health of you and your pets. 

Berkey BT2X2-BB Travel Stainless Steel Water Filtration System with 2 Black Filter Elements
Berkey Water Purifiers Come In Assorted Sizes
I own the one on the far left, which is 
18 inches high with a diameter of 7.5 inches

First off, do the math. This system will save you money. The filters in the one I bought last about 6,000 gallons, if I use 2 gallons per day for drinking and cooking, that works out to a filter life of over 8 years. I wanted quality stainless steel and was prepared to return this unit immediately if anything at all was flimsy about it. I have been vagabonding in a mini-motorhome for 4 years, so I need quality products that can stand up to the rigors of travel.

Water quality in the areas I travel varies widely, so this filter system will get a good workout over the years. There are times I camp remotely and the ability to filter water from natural sources that may or may be contaminated is awesome. I'm not expecting a major disaster, but I've lived overseas in a disaster zone and this would have been a coveted treasured item to have had then.

I ordered direct from Amazon because I've been a devoted fan of Amazon for many years. They have always been extremely attentive and prompt on solving issues on returns of faulty products. This one arrived well packed and in excellent shape. The directions are a bit clumsy, they could do so much better, but after a day of reading and rereading, I finally figured it all out.

I was extremely impressed with the stainless steel. It's heavy, shiny, quality stuff built for lifetime use. A super 5 stars on the quality. Follow the instructions carefully, it's a bit fussy to get the filters primed and all set up. At first mine filtered super slow, maybe I didn't prime it right. I kept tossing out the initial water filtration's per the instructions, so that it was almost a week from arrival until I started actually drinking the water. In the interim I continued with my old Brita pitcher. I have no beefs with Brita, they've been good to me and my health for decades, but Berkey is superior so bye bye Brita. Also, no need to buy filters every month, a huge relief. I never liked the plastic pitchers Brita supplies because they always look crazed no matter how delicately you clean and polish them.

After starting on the Berkey water, I am delighted over and over. The taste is HEAVEN ON EARTH! The water quality after filtering is just fantastic. Even though I've been filtering with Brita for 30 years, I could tell a difference in my coffee and green tea as well as plain water drinking.

I did tons of research on water filtration. I can't afford the ridiculous plastic bottled water. 90% or more of the cost goes to the plastic bottle and the rest to the water. I have no idea where or how they bottled that water, the landfills are overflowing with a a zillion water bottles, it's estimated that less than 10% are actually recycled. I volunteer for 5 months per year picking up litter in public parks, the mountain of water bottles I find tossed in the bushes is absolutely astounding. The same people that love nature, seem to also enjoy trashing it. Even crazier are the folks who throw out half full water bottles.

I have my own reusable bottles to take with me hiking and biking, I would never go buy someone else's water, I have to have my own Berkey filtered water. Good clean tasting water is a daily treat. Amazingly, I was having some health issues, they cleared up right away, whether by coincidence or maybe I was lapsing on changing out my Brita filters often enough. Now I don't have to worry for at least 8 more years before buying replacement filters.

I have used Brita water filter pitchers for about 30 years. But I was concerned that I failed to change my filters often enough. I never liked the plastic pitchers, they crazed super easily

So now it's Berkey all the way. I even managed to build my Berkey into a lower cabinet under the sink in the motorhome that is still a foot off the floor due to the air exchanger beneath the cabinet.This is perfect for dispensing the filtered water. I am able to refill the top with the pull-out kitchen faucet but the Berkey is lashed into the cabinet, so that when I go bouncing down the highways, the Berkey won't go dancing.

I bought the Rubbermaid 2 quart clear carafe (from Amazon) for storing filtered water on my counter top since the Berkey is built into my cabinet. That is one good looking carafe with a super tight lid. The opening in the lid is perfect for draining out the filtered Berkey water into the Carafe. The carafe is a beautiful addition to a dinner table or a party where delicious water is desired. I make my ice from the filtered water too, I can add ice to the carafe for dinner parties or for hot days when I am working inside and outside. To me, the carafe makes a perfect addition to the Berkey. Also, it allows me to drain out the Berkey, then refill the top without worry of overflowing.

LOVE MY BERKEY! If the RV is on fire, you will see me run out the door carrying the dog in one hand and the Berkey in the other. He loves the Berkey water in his water bowl too.

Berkey BT2X2-BB Travel Stainless Steel Water Filtration System with 2 Black Filter Elements

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