Command Shower Caddy, Useful All Over Tiny Homes

Command Shower Caddy

Command Shower Caddy

Perfect For My Motorhome Shower Which Also Bounces Down the Highways and Byways (Review Updated after 15 months of use)

I am updating this review to indicate this has been stuck on the shower wall of my motorhome for 15 months now. It has seen a lot of hard use with heavy bottles plus driving my motorhome down lumpy highways giving it a shake, rattle and roll. None of the bottles have ever jumped out. It has a max weight load of 7.5 pounds, something I had to go hunt for on the command website before I bought this. Besides being in your shower, it's a great caddy to add to your kitchen or office or anywhere you need to organize products.

Original review:
I bought this for my little old motorhome RV shower.


Follow the instructions EXACTLY. Be patient and wait at least 24-48 ours before you actually use it. Now it will stay up forever.

Mine bounces down the highway holding 4 bottles of soap, shampoo, conditioner and more conditioner. The bottles stay put and when I shower, they are right where I need them when I want them.

The caddy removes for a thorough cleaning, then pop it back on, reload and all is well again.

Command makes very good sturdy products.

Follow the instructions exactly! If you don't then come crying to me. I warned you. Read and obey.

Command Shower Caddy

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