Lifesaver In Weight, So Easy to Manage


This was bought July 20th, 2017, as of August 24, 2017, it BROKE beyond repair. I am mad that this is 4 days after the return window expired.

Expandable Garden Hose,Tech Flexible Expandable Expanding Garden & Lawn Water Hose 50 FT for all Watering Needs.Cleaning Patio House or Garage with 7-way Spray Nozzle

This is a great expandable hose.

It came with quick connect fittings. You can pop it off the faucet for storage elsewhere, then pop it back on the faucet when you need it, without having to screw and unscrew it each time.

All the fittings are plastic which is lightweight and easy to manage. Perfect for a gardener who might have arthritis or problems with big heavy hoses, this is rather adaptive for ease of use. The spray nozzles has multiple functions. It also quick connects on and off, just click it on or off, no need to mess around screwing it on and off.

I tried all the settings in the video. I was very pleased with all of them. I was doing it one handed and the sprayer was new, but it clicked into place each time. Now that I have used the sprayer several times, it's much easier to manipulate.

Included are pictures that show it fully expanded as well as shrunk up on the post. I love not having to coil up 50 feet of heavy hose. This shrinks and does all the hard work for you.

It came with an extra fitting that I believe is intended for most kitchen faucets in case you want to use it indoors for your houseplants.

Nice hose that has earned its 5 stars thus far.

Check price, colors and fast shipping to your door. 

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