Super Soft Flannel Duvet Cover with No Pilling

Pinzon 170 Gram Velvet Flannel Duvet Cover - Twin, White

This arrived in a clear wrapper well protected. It is super soft, no pills, and white as fresh snow. 

Pinzon Flannel Duvet Covers

I had to buy the twin size to make it fit my motorhome queen sized bed. The reason is my bed is built into a corner, there isn't room for a comforter to hang over the sides of the bed, so I had to buy a twin sized comforter, then find a twin sized duvet cover. 

So many duvet covers in the twin size were really goofy for children, I wanted something simple in flannel. I was delighted to find this!

I put it on my comforter

Conveniently it came with sturdy ties for each corner. On the final side are tiny buttons that are hooked inside the case, not on the outside. Their is a bit of a trick to get this done, but I like that the buttons are concealed on the final product. The button holes were very tiny. Some of them I had to work hard to get the button inside them, but finally they all went in snugly. No worry about this coming unbuttoned at all, no matter how hard I kick or toss and turn at night. 
Pinzon Flannel Duvet Covers

I loved the finished look. No buttons showing. Next two of us grabbed all four corners and gave the comforter a good hard shaking to fluff it up and to let the comforter settle nicely inside the duvet cover. This fattened up my comforter considerably and gave the end result a beautiful look. 

That night I slept with the flannel duvet cover in Florida summer weather. Yes, flannel works year round and is oh so soft and cozy. 

If you are on a budget, you may not need a queen sized comforter and cover to do a queen sized bed, just buy the twin sized like I did. It looks awesome and works beautifully. 
Pinzon Flannel Duvet Covers

This is a quality product, I am very pleased. 

Check out Pinzon Flannel Duvet Covers in all sizes. 

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