Realistic and Whimsical

Cruise Ship Porthole Peel 'N Place 12" x 15"

I bought this in 2013 to stick on the outside of my motorhome. As of 2017, it is just now starting to show heavy use. It has been on the outside under the awning, so many times when parked, it has the benefit of shade. 

I am including a picture of it, how it looks 4 years later. 

Being that I spent a quarter century working on boats afloat around the Caribbean, it was stuck up there as a temporary memory for me to enjoy. I am surprised it has lasted this long!

I hope they have found a way to improve the shipping by now. At the time I bought mine in 2013, it arrived with a huge crease in it! Yikes! It took weeks to flatten out the crease so I could stick it up and use it. 

I just wish they included a half dozen of these in the package rather than just one. But if you need some whimsy and fun in your life, I have enjoyed this immensely. 

Beistle Cruise Ship Porthole Peel 'N Place 12" x 15" Sh 1/Pkg

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