Cute Handy Passport Cover

A fun whimsical passport cover.
I am a fan of red and found the little alien ship kind of funny.
I think the laowaime means constantly foreign.
Just in case, I like to keep a passport handy with some cash and a credit card.
This cover holds all that.
I spent years working on yachts, and a passport was our most valuable possession because it was a ticket to the next job, the next port.
Even sailing for fun with friends, I always take my passport, you never know if something could go wrong and we could accidentally drift into foreign waters under another jurisdiction.
On a funny note, awhile back I thought my motorhome was on fire in America.
Since I was used to decades of traveling overseas, I pulled off the road, grabbed my puppy,phone and passport then ran from the potential fire while calling the fire department.
The motorhome had sent off alarms and a puff of smoke.
It turned out not to be a full fledged fire, but the firemen were staring at me funny then I realized why.
I had no pockets and in my haste to keep my passport safe, I had stuffed it in my bra, but part of it was sticking out above my shirt and they could see it was an American passport.

Laowaime Red Passport Cover Travel Wallet Holder Chinese Character Laowai Foreigner      

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