Electric Kettle

I Have Found Numerous Uses For This Fast Boiling Hot Pot                                                                        

This pot is beautiful!
I have been wanting an electric kettle to speed up my beverages and cooking.
This one is cordless which is awesome. It sits on a separate base. I can pick it up without having to unplug it and drag a cord around with it.
The instructions in the book are wrong, but I figured it out. It says to push the start button a 2nd time to get it going, and omit that step and it works fine.
Push start, then select water temp if not using the default of boil, then optionally select the warm setting, which I always use anyhow.
It boils up quickly then alerts me with a ding-a-ling beeping that it is ready.
The warm function keeps it at the temperature for about a half hour. Even when it shuts off automatically, it seems to be so well insulated that the water is hot to warm for a very long time.
This is especially handy for me as I use a small French Press to make coffee. I often go through several pots of coffee if I have company.
It also speeds up cooking. I happen to love mashed potatoes and pasta.
This hot pot heats water so fast, that making instant mashed potatoes is a breeze.
Also I can pour the hot water over pasta, then microwave the pasta with the hot water for 5 more minutes in the microwave for making  a big pan of homemade mac and cheese without having to wait a half hour for the macaroni to boil on a stove top.
I also use the boiling water when I have a stubborn pan to soak. This speeds up the cleaning. By the time the water cools in the soaking pan, it comes clean easily.
I like the lighted dial that tells the water level.
This pot has been used by both left handed and right handed people. We both agree that the kettle is super easy to pour.
It is well engineered not to slop around.
The push button lid locks into place, so it's a very safe pot to use.
As with any hot pot, you have to descale it from time to time, especially in hard water areas.
When I descale my hot pot, I pour the vinegar water in the washing machine so the vinegar can clean that with the next wash. Vinear softens clothes, so it's a win win situation.
This stylish pot looks great in my new tiny home kitchen.
I live with only a 10 gallon hot water heater, but having this hot pot for coffee, tea, cooking, soaking crusty pans is just awesome.
Even in my crockpot when I  bake whole potatoes it needs some water to work with, this hot pot speeds up the process.
Sometimes I want to add hard vegetables to my salad like carrots and broccoli.
I have used this hot pot to pour over chopped veggies in a bowl, then a few minutes later, drain off the water and cool the veggies. They are now softened up for a pasta salad or regular salad.                                                                         

By the way, 1.7 liter is 7 cups.

More information and pricing:
BESTEK 12828B Electric Kettel 1.7L with Temperature Controls and Keep Warm  

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