Great Bargain Sponges That Work Hard

Heavy duty sponges that dry quickly.
Scrubber works nicely.
Great bargain.

It is not an eraser sponge or magic sponge with extra cleaning solvents.
I am not sure why they put that in the title, it should be removed from the title as it's a bit misleading.
For that I took off one star.

But as an all purpose sponge for cleaning up around the home, they are perfect and fit the hand easily as many sponges are too long and these are the perfect size. I use mine 30-50 times a day tidying up around the kitchen with a separate one for cleaning around the bath vanity daily.

I especially like their quick dry time, no time for bacteria to grow.  Just rinse and squeeze dry. They keep their shape with no bits and pieces falling off. Every other day or so I microwave mine fully soaked for 2 minutes on a plate, then let it cool, this will kill germs and keep the sponge fresh. As a bonus, the steamy microwave can be wiped down with a paper towel or microfiber cloth, giving it a steamed cleaning. Once the sponge cools down, squeeze dry and it's germ free and ready to work.

Good bang for the buck.                  

 Esonmus 20 Pack Multi-Use Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge Extra Thin Magic Cleaning Sponges Eraser Sponge For Kitchen Bathroom Furniture Leather Car & Steel…

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