Heat Wrap Failure

This worked beautifully, then it died!
I have tried repeatedly to get it going again, but it is just plain dead.
Sadly I had it less than 3 months.
It worked beautifully... until it stopped working.

I have changed it from 5 star to 1 star
Below is my original review:

Previous Review:
This is uniquely shaped.
I've never seem anything like this until now.
Felt toasty warm on my aches and pains.
Years ago I ripped out my shoulder in a boating accident.
I had one continuous bruise from my wrist to my elbow to my armpit, down my ribs and all the way to my ankle.
The nice doc said then that when you get older all these old injuries will come back with a vengeance.
I was laughing because I was young and anxious to get back out on the water.
Well, now it's years later... and I find out that doctor was right.
Using this pad when I need it has been wonderful.
I like that it will shut itself off. I was propped up in bed using it when I dozed right off.

I can not recommend this.
XL Heat Therapy Wrap with Fast-Heating, 25” x 26” Neck & Shoulder Heating Pad, Extended Back Heat Therapy, 6 Heating Sets, Auto Shut Off, Plum by Sunbag

There are many others to choose from that are better quality.

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