Dancing Dress

Super Soft Fabric, Fun to Layer it With Leggings, Capris, Sweater, Scarf or Outer Shirt

At first I was dismayed because the fabric is so thin.
I am a plus sized gal and it would look great on a hard body, which mine is not.
Also I often go braless and this dress reveals more than I care to show.
Even with a bra, it shows the bra lines so care should be taken in choosing a bra that doesn't have seams across the cups.
Like I say, if you have a hard body, this won't matter, but my body is well padded.
At first I thought, oh well, I will keep this as sleepwear since it's super comfy, very silky soft fabric.
But then one day I dressed it up to go out by taking a colorful tie dyed cotton weave button up shirt and simply tying the shirt at the waist and leaving the buttons opened. This meant the shirt covered my breasts and hid the see-through effect. I wore it with capri leggings. It looked super cute and my date (men never notice but this one did!) said I looked wonderful.
I loved the swingy skirt part because I love to dance when good music comes around. I dance at home often too!
Also because I was wearing my capri leggings with it, I could ride my bicycle which I love to go out riding, so that was a huge plus.
I like that I can shove the sleeves up or down to whatever length I prefer.
Another day it was cooler and I had on long leggings with a colorful print, this dress and I had a longish solid color knit sweater over it, but the swingy skirt area was still visible. I was wearing ankle boots with faux fur. Holy cow! I received so many compliments and like I said, I am a plus size lady in my 50's so I was shocked anyone bothered to notice.
I ride my bicycle even in cool weather, so I went out riding in my outfit. I stopped to visit a friend and they said WOW, you sure are trendy these days.
Oh my gosh, I received so many compliments with this dress when I pair it with other items.
So forget about it being a sleep dress, I am wearing it with other items and WOW, I love it now.
I've washed it several times and even had it in the dryer with no problems.
However be careful washing it with zippered items, make sure the zippers are UP, so they don't snag the dress. Wash bras in their own wash bag so the hooks don't snag things. Or in my case since my washer is small, I just wash it with other similar items and it comes out fine.

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