Sturdy Metal For Solid Footing on Floor Vents

Bought this for a 1992 5th wheel RV that had odd sized duct work.
My rig came with flimsy plastic floor vents including two that were broken.
I don't fancy breaking a leg these days, so I wanted to replace my plastic vents with metal.
Finding the exact size I needed turned out to be rather time consuming, but Amazon came to the rescue.
These were the exact size I needed, well quite honestly the flange was smaller, but they fit the cut outs beautifully.
As a bonus these registers have the flip open and close vents.
Very handy!
When my heat is on, it naturally rises up to the bedroom on a higher level,  where I don't need extra heat.
Now I can close off the bedroom vent.
In summer, I can close off the floor vents, so my overhead AC doesn't waft down the duct work where I don't need it.

AP Products (13640) White 2-1/4" x 10" Floor Register                

See other sizes of metal floor vents.                                                         

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