Feather Down Bed Pillows

These came super packaged and very well protected.
They were each wrapped separately in plastic then shrunk, stuffed inside the zippered plastic carrying case which was then wrapped in thick gray sealed plastic then stuffed inside a box.
Arrived unbroken!
When I opened the final bag the pillow immediately expanded and fluffed up.
There were no odors.
The outer case is very well made.
No feathers poking through, seams are neat and tight, no loose strings or trailing threads.
I have slept on these for awhile now and absolutely LOVE them!
I use one for sleeping and one for hugging because of my shoulder injury, I sleep better hugging one, helps my shoulder.
These are pure luxury.
I am thrilled with my purchase.
I took a picture to show you one fluffed and one still wrapped.
Heaven on earth.

Get yours today.
Htovila Hotel Luxury White Goose Feather Down Bed Pillows for Side Sleeper, Back Support & Neck Pain - Dust Mite Resistant & Hypoallergenic -100% Cotton Pillow Case, 2 Pack, Standard       

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