Copper Magnetic Bracelet: Pain Relief and High Fashion all in one!

The Atom Health Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet is the perfect accessory for the over-worked, aching, or arthritic woman. Although it includes eight magnets within its pure copper exterior, its stylish good-looks make it appear more of a fashion accessory than a therapeutic aid. Those people who don't know that you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome will only recognize your good taste in fashion! When not worn attractively on your wrist, the Atom Health bracelet includes a lovely velour draw stringed pouch for storage; just like your finest set of pearls! Furthermore, according to the label affixed to the box, this fashionable accessory includes a lifetime warranty!
I received this product as a free sample to evaluate. This is an honest and unbiased review, and the vendor in no way has influenced, modified, or edited my comments.
I gave the Atom Health Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet Five Stars because of its attractiveness, its on-going health benefits, the quality of its construction, and its handy storage pouch. Although it includes a guarantee,  this product is likely to remain a personal favorite attractively worn on your pain-relieved wrist. You'll love it!

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