Goldwheat Waterproof Bag

Handy Waterproof Organizer Makes Life Easy
Goldwheat Hanging Toiletry Bag Portable Travel Cosmetic Cases Makeup Organizer Shaving Kit for Men Women, Black

When I received my Goldwheat Waterproof Bag I first thought how handy it would be when whitewater rafting or camping in the mountains; it would be at home in either place. Then it occurred to me how handy it would be in any travel situation or for that matter at home. When I travelled around the country I carried a traditional zip-up toiletries bag. Everything from shampoo to toothpaste and razors all travelled in a jumbled mish-mash requiring digging through it all to find that elusive one item that was needed. The Goldwheat bag eliminates the clutter, organizing everything in a handy-sized, zippered, divided pouch that fits neatly in a suitcase.
Its waterproof, rubber-lined exterior keeps water out and its multiple mesh pockets keep everything in its place. It includes a see-through zippered pouch for perhaps a cell phone or IDs, with plenty of mesh and elastic straps and pockets for any number of assorted items. Perhaps what I liked best was the interior plastic hook that allows the bag, when unzipped to its open position, to be hung for easy access anywhere. Camping, whitewater rafting, travelling for business or pleasure, all can make great use of the Goldwheat Bag. It also would make a great first aid kit; its organizers holding everything from band aids, scissors, and gauze, to splints, tourniquets, and ointments. Whatever your needs, the Goldwheat Waterproof Bag will keep them organized and portable.
I give this product five stars for its versatility and convenient size; it carries a lot in a small space and keeps everything organized. Its waterproof fabric and plastic zippers are reinforced at the seams, and its various straps and pockets accommodate all sorts of items. It would even make a handy portable tool box, but that’s up to you. Of course I really like that hook for hanging when in use. Great product.
I received this product as a free sample for evaluation. I am providing my honest and unbiased review, and the vendor in no way has influenced or edited my comments.

Goldwheat Hanging Toiletry Bag Portable Travel Cosmetic Cases Makeup Organizer Shaving Kit for Men Women, Black

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