Illunite Solar Motion Sensor Light

Finally, A Solar Powered Wall Sconce Motion Sensor Security Light

The Illunite Solar Powered Motion Sensor Wall Sconce by Up Grade is a fantastic product. I received one to evaluate and found so many ways and locations for its use that I wish I had more than just one. After removing the unit from the box and charging it in the sun, I found it to be an invaluable source of light when needed. Initially I used it as one unit (its solar panel can be detached from the LED light section). I put it in the wall pocket of my tent while camping. Its LED lights provided a low continuous light in the dark. But when it detects motion within 3 meters of the sensor the Illunite automatically brightens providing more than enough light to read by. The bright mode will last for forty seconds unless its sensor detects motion. Turning the page of a book will do that. I also found that I could use it as a flash light or just an accent light. Of course it is solar powered so it is economical and environmentally friendly.

Up Grade, the manufacturer of the Illunite, has left no stone unturned. The instructions provided are clear and concise. Furthermore, this little product comes with a little bag of optional components: two adhesive strips and two screws with screw anchors for your choice of mounting options and locations. They also provide two lengths of extension cords so that, depending on the location, the solar panel can be detached and mounted in a sunny spot while the LED downlight can be mounted in a dark location. The extension cords are around 4 feet and 6 feet, giving more options to fit your needs. The accessories also include an activation pin which will turn the unit on (or off), but once it's activated I can't imagine why you'd ever turn it off unless you need to box it up to move to another location.

I really can't say enough about this fantastic little light. Up Grade out-did themselves. I received this product as a free sample to evaluate, and this is an honest and unbiased review. The vendor in no way has influenced, modified, or edited my comments.

Needless to say, I give the Illunite Solar Powered LED Wall Light from Up Grade Five Stars. As a motion sensor night light it offers security while providing bright light when it's needed. Its versatility and adaptability are practically endless. Its instruction manual is thorough but straight forward and easy to read. And Up Grade has provided enough optional accessories to accommodate a variety of situations. I think I'll have to get more since this one is getting mounted at a side entry to my house that has no outdoor light. The solar panel can be mounted near the roof while the LED lights illuminate the entry at night, giving me bright light to unlock the door in the darkest of nights. I recommend this product highly, whatever your needs may be.

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