Exquisite Decadence For A Third of Your Life (Sleeping!)

This arrived elegantly packaged in a beautiful organza bag tucked inside a lovely gift box. Add a bow and you have a wonderful gift for anyone that values their face and hair.
Orose 22mm luxury mulberry silk pillowcase, good for hair and facial beauty, prevent from wrinkle and allergy, 100% silk on both sides, gift box,1pc (Queen, ivory)

The mulberry silk was quite marvelous and exquisite. My face feels wonderful on the silk and my hair does seem a bit more relaxed with not near as many tangles. Considering my hair is hip length this is a huge bonus for me. I honestly look forward to sleeping with this new awesome pillowcase every night and I use it at nap time too.

The zipper was hidden which is nice, nothing to tangle with there either. I like that my pillow won't fall out in my tossing and turning. After sleeping on this pillow case, I am ready for silk sheets next.

I like that the silk is neither hot nor cold, just feel silky on my face. Because my little dog romps all over my bed playing, I hide my silk pillow when I am not using it. I am afraid he would fall in love with it and try to claim it as his own, like everything else he takes a fancy too.

I received this product as a free sample for evaluation and reviewing. I am providing my honest and unbiased review. The vendor has not influenced, modified or edited my comments.

I gave it 4 awesome stars for the silk quality. The only reason I took off a star is that the stitching on the pillow case I received was a bit wavy. It was tight enough, just that the seamstress seamed to be on holiday and not focused on nice neat straight lines.

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