Awesome Mp3 Player That Simply Works Well

I love this little MP3 player.

Mine came in metallic green, a nifty cool color. It charges up quickly with the included USB cord. It arrived with a 16GB car already installed which holds about 3,000 songs. No worries about repeat songs for weeks!

The screen is very clear for pictures, or videos or just shuffling through the music selections.

The included ear buds work nicely. I have also hooked into my powered tiny speakers [[Samson Meteor M2 Multimedia Speaker System]] and this little Mp3 player can ROCK those speakers for a full blown party.

I like the simplicity of this player, no wifi or excessive gadgetry.

It's tiny, it's slim, it works, it's FUN!

Goldenseller MP3 Music Player with 16GB Micro SD Card, Portable Video Player(Green)

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