City Water Hookup for RV or Tiny Homes

Works But the Aluminum Flange is Thin, Rest is Well Built

The aluminum flange is flimsy, but the rest of it seems quality made.

It was the closest we could find to replace our heavy duty one that broke after only 22 years of use.

We had to order this twice. The first one arrived with the aluminum flange bent at a hard angle rendering it impossible to use without machine shop intervention.

The second one had skyrocketed in price by 33%.

Fortunately, Amazon eventually made up the difference after two phone calls about the problem.

We put a quick connect on ours, so the stopper was useless to us, but it's a nice touch if you don't use quick connect for your hoses.

Aqua Pro 27884 Aluminum Surface Packaged Mounting Flange with 1/2" Female Pipe Thread

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