Bath Bombs Make Bath-Time Fun and Luxurious

Bath Bomb GIFT SET, 3 XL Cupcakes - Fizzy Lush Bath Bombs Nourish (Sea Salts), Moisturize (Jojoba & Sweet Almond Oils), Exfoliate (Frosting). Fun Gift

Here’s a great gift for the lady in your life. The Petite Pot Trio of Cupcake Bath Bombs combines fun with real relaxation. These bath additives include three “flavors:” Strawberry Daiquiri, Champagne and Roses, and Lathering Lavender. With names like these it’s clear this product is aimed at an adult market. But the bath bombs look just like elaborate iced cupcakes, with their whipped cream icing and sprinkles you might be tempted to gobble them up. Don’t, the fine print says they’re for “External use only” and “Do not eat.” Since they look so good, I would recommend keeping them away from children.
Their tasty good looks, however, are matched by the quality of their ingredients. Other than the sodium bicarbonate, each bath bomb includes citrus, shea butter, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, witch hazel, fragrance, and sea salt, which adds up to a truly relaxing bathtub experience. It’s funny that the frosting includes powdered sugar, merengue powder, and cream of tartar, so keeping this away from little children is important. I didn’t lick one, but they do look delicious.
I give this product 5 Stars. I like its fun packaging of three individually wrapped cupcakes in pink confetti. The clear box wrapped in silk ribbon makes it an attractive set. The quality of the ingredients and the whimsy of these delectable little cakes make them great gifts for birthdays, wedding or baby showers, or perhaps even hostess gifts. They are a fun product, just don’t try to eat one.

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