Simple Doorbell System Delivers Solid Results

Bestrix Smart Wireless Doorbell with Receiver Operating at over 1,000-feet Range with 36 Chimes, Battery Included 

Bestrix Smart Wireless Doorbell with Receiver Operating at over 1,000-feet Range with 36 Chimes, Battery Included

I live in an older home and a while back the door bell system from the 1950s decided to finally malfunction. I guess 60 years was all it could take. Anyway, a simple fix was a battery powered model that I picked up locally. Frankly, it was sub-par, it malfunctioned quickly, and I didn’t know any better. But now I have the BesTrix Smart Wireless Doorbell and I wish I hadn’t wasted my time with anything else. The battery powered transmitter attached easily over the existing hole at my entry. The simple instructions were easy to read making set up a breeze.

The receiver plugs into any standard outlet which suits any old outlet in my home. Plus, the receiver includes four volume levels that are easy to adjust via a simple press of a button. This in itself makes BesTrix’s product superior to the previous models I encountered. But for chimes this product offers 36 different tunes. From traditional doorbell chimes to holiday favorites and classical and contemporary motifs,

BesTrix gives tons of chime options. Of course with 36 of them that sequence through the touch of a button it takes a moment to check them all. I settled for the moment on the Westminster Chime but that will change because I have lots of options. Moreover, the plug-in receiver can be moved to any outlet. I spend a good bit of time on my deck or in the yard so I can move the receiver to an outdoor outlet, turn up the volume if necessary, and not miss anyone who may stop by for a visit. This is great. Some of the chimes I find a little cheesy but BesTrix gives more than enough options to satisfy anyone’s tastes. For me and my family, this product delivers solid results. There’s even a couple of gloomy classical tunes that might be great for Halloween.

I give the BesTrix Smart Wireless Doorbell 5 stars for its ease of use and variety of chimes. This is a product that can adjust to meet your needs depending on the season or mood. It’s easy to move the receiver and the volume adjustment assures that the chime can be heard wherever you are. At a 200 to 300 meter range you could put the transmitter in the mailbox at the road if you desired. I have mine mounted at the front door so it’s easy to find. This product works, easy.

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