Fantastic Tire Inflator For Peace of Mind and Safe Driving

What a great birthday gift!

I love the gem of a tool. I drive a motorhome and also ride a bicycle. Tire pressure on both of these is very important. Having the handy PSI reading included is just awesome.

It's slow but durable. It gets the job done! I am very impressed.

My front tires needed a lot of air. I was scared when I realize how low they were. I just ran up and down awful roads running and hiding from hurricane Irma. I surely needed this then, as I could have kept my tires topped up correctly without having to find a truck stop. Most places now charge for using their tire inflator plus many times I find they no longer include the built in PSI meter, which is frustrating.

This one told me where my current tire was and then allowed me to set my desired PSI. Then it went to work like magic pumping up my tire. Ten it turned off,but the button was still on, so turn off the button.

Read the instructions and keep them in the box it cam with. I stored mine back in the box with the instructions. It explains that this can get too hot after about 30 minutes use, then you seriously need to let it cool down, before using it again.

Watch the video, it shows me pumping up my RV tires.

Incorrect tire pressure can cause a blow out and a bad wreck. This tool is a must-have for any car owner. I used it to top up my bicycle tires too which was super quick.

Be sure to turn your engine on while using this so that you have plenty of power. Otherwise  you  might accidentally kill your starter battery.

Check out the fabulous pricing on this handy unit:

P.I. Auto Store - Premium Digital Tire Inflator – 12 Volt DC Electric Portable Air Compressor Pump. With Automatic Shut off.

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