Quality Boots Toasty Warm

I have wide feet with a high instep, when they ran out of size 8's just before I moved this from my wish list to my buy list, I took a chance on the size 7.

Size 7 or 7.5 is what I normally wear, but it's so very difficult to find anything in that size that will accommodate my wide short feet. Usually mail order shoes are a disaster for me, yet what I wanted to find was ankle boots with fur that were waterproof. I live in a teeny tiny home and can't own a pile of shoes (oh how I would love to!) so I have to be super choosy. I was delighted to find these.

Recently I was caught in the rain repeatedly in cold weather while trying to walk my dog. My old boots got soaked quickly. My feet were icy cold wet. They didn't dry in time for me to walk him again, so I had to walk around with wet cold boots, super worried about my feet.  I began searching for something cozy warm, easy to put on and take off plus waterproof.

These are luxurious boots. I can ride my bicycle with them, they are toasty warm. They are easy walking which I need for my doggy.

These boots look and feel awesome. They compliment my winter wear which is all leggings and jeggings since I ride my bicycle year round.

I was impressed these have a thick durable sole with good traction.

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