Rechargeable Lantern and Flashlight With A Dimmer Switch

I do like this super handy light.

Matter of fact, I am using it right now as I type this review to light up my keyboard while I sit outside after dark enjoying the nice weather.

It comes with a charging cord. It easily recharges on any USB port. I hate buying throw away batteries, so this is ideal. What's super cool about this light, is that it has a dimming switch and 21 powerful LED lights.

For instance I am typing in the dark with it on full bright. But for ambiance when finished typing, I can turn it down much lower.

It also has a USB port for emergency charging. I can plug my cell phone into it for quick charge if it starts dying while I am talking outside,something I often do, sit outside at night when talking on the phone.

This light is super handy for camping, RVing and general home use. The end opposite the dimming control has strong magnets in case there is something metallic around to stick it to.

The included velcro strap makes it easy to carry or strap to something. It even fits my arm or leg.

Buy yours today!

LE Portable LED Camping Light 4400mAh Power Bank Dimmable Lantern Work Lamp with Magnet 330lm for Outdoor Activities Sports Tents Hiking Camping Fishing Emergency

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