Two-fer Deal on a Nifty Pocket Light

Nice heavy duty flashlight that is small, lightweight and water resistant.
You can't go diving with it but if you are caught in the rain, no problem.
Uses only one AA battery (not included) so order up some batteries when you buy this.
Easy to clip to your pocket or purse or dog leash.
Mine happens to clip into my bicycle light holder, so I am never without light, if I stay out too late riding my bike.
Adjustable beam plus has high and low light as well as a strobe.
The strobe is useful for walking at night if speeding traffic approaches, I can switch to strobe to alert the driver.

Flashlights Tactical Flashlight Led Flashlight - SMAtech Mini Torch Light 350 Lumen Portable Ultra Bright Zoomable for Night Fishing, Camping, Patrolling, Night Riding, Emergency[2 PACK]

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