Whimsical Fairy Lights For Street Number

Great lights.

Mine get speckled sun during the day due to the big tree canopy near our street sign.

However we wrapped them around our sign post out front that has our street number on it. I have included the video.

I was using a cheap camera to make the video, you can't read our street number in the video, but with the human eye, you can easily see our street number lit up at night while walking or riding by in a car.

I live on dark sharp turn in the road, since I put these up, it seems folks are  slowing down rather than speeding by then slamming in brakes when they nearly hit the tree nearby. Maybe I should get more to decorate the tree too.

Mine have been up about three weeks now and have lit up every night including on some cloudy days. I often get up around 4:30am and they are still on.

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