Easy to Install Recessed Lights Give Cool Ambiance

Deckey’s Cool White LED Recessed Downlights are delightfully easy to install for a hard wired installation. The self-flashing design with its integral flange makes for a seamless appearance, and the compression spring assures a tight fit within the installation surface. The depth of the light fixture is around 2 inches, which isn’t a problem except if installing under cabinets as I am doing. In this application I installed towards the back of the cabinet so they would be out of the way. They work well. I’m hoping to add a dimmer to enjoy their cool ambiance.
Deckey Pack of 4 Cool White 7W Ceiling Light Downlight Spotlight Recessed Lighting Fixture Adjustable Gimbal Recessed LED Downlight by Deckey

I give the Deckey LED Downlights 5 stars: they’re easy to install and the four pack provides enough lighting to use in more than one location, giving you more bang for your buck. The instructions are limited but the product is self-contained so there aren’t any loose parts to fit together. The hardwiring itself requires professional abilities but the fixtures are easy to employ.

I received this product as a free sample for evaluation. I am providing my honest and unbiased review, and the vendor in no way has influenced or edited my comments.

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