Pizza Cutter Wheel 4 inch Roller Plastic

Pizza Cutter Wheel 4 inch Roller Plastic 

Ergonomic, Sharp, Handy, Convenient

This is sharp! It will cut through thick or thin crispy pizza. 

It's ergonomically designed to fit  medium and very large hands quite comfortably. 

The pizza cutter has a protective lip so you can zip right right through your pizza and get down to the fun business of eating.

It rolls super nicely in both directions. Putting pressure on it for cutting is normal and easy. I've had some dull pizza cutters that required herculean strength to cut through mushy pizza, but this one by HakiChef performs effortlessly. 

The space saving design is a welcome attribute for tiny home living, motorhomes as well as those who have limited kitchen storage.

I received this product as a free sample for evaluation and reviewing. The vendor has not influenced, modified or edited my comments. 

Pizza Cutter Wheel 4 inch Roller Plastic 

I give it 5 sharp stars for being a quality product that truly works as it should. We were very impressed. 

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