Patio Gardening Has No Limits

This set of five Flower Pot Clips with screws is a great way to add dimension to your patio garden. Their heavy-duty stainless steel construction will hold up in all kinds of weather, and they’re strong enough to accommodate all sorts of plants, flowers, or even vegetables. Attach the clips to a deck rail or the ends of your deck steps and extend your garden beyond the patio. Or attach them to that bland wooden privacy fence and have trailing flowers or vegetables where you never thought you could before. Of course there were no instructions but after installing the first clip upside down I realized my error and found them to be very accommodating. They held all sizes of the traditional clay pots that I had on hand, and although the screw provided is adequate for most any plant it is possible to use a longer screw if necessary. The surprisingly simple design will leave you wondering why you never had thought of it before.
Flower Pot Clips Hard Steel Durable 5 Pack  by Zipwaze

Flower Pot Clips Hard Steel Durable 5 Pack  by Zipwaze

I give the Flower Pot Clips 5 stars for their simplicity, durability, and the creativity that they provide. They really are a handy gardening accessory particularly suited to the patio gardener.
I received this product as a free sample for evaluation. I am providing my honest and unbiased review, and the vendor in no way has influenced or edited my comments.

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